It might be clever marketing to get their ad noticed by how silly it is. There are so many makeup brands out there. They all use the same chemists and put out the same colours. The only difference is how much they skimp on pigment and they come up with new names for “champagne rose” and pretend it’s a new never before seen colour.

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These are some very good points! I'm always skeptical when I see something so blatantly ridiculous/rage-inducing in marketing and my first thought it "they definitely did that on purpose for outrage clicks."

In this case, I wouldn't be surprised if that was at least partially their intent, but with how powerful and prevalent libfem superficiality is I'm certain that's what they were appealing to. And as a side effect, that same thing would prevent the libfems from realizing the hypocrisy, and so the outrage angle would end up failing. It's kind of funny in a way haha.