Female characters have to appeal to the male gaze, hence they can't look too much like animals. It's a bit troubling that this is even the case in animation aimed at children.

World of Warcraft had male trolls ... and green skinned human women filled the role of "female trolls". It came to light they'd previously experimented with female characters that actually looked like trolls, but the (presumably male) beta testers didn't like it.

I still remember how so many men were upset at the new Lola Bunny redesign complaining the she isn't as sexy as before. Like bruh, she is a bunny... A cartoon bunny 😑

Oh barf, there was one Twitter pic if a dude who had a whole room of memorabilia.🤢 Just of Lola Bunny...and his issue was he couldn't masturbate to her anymore. Men make me sick.