I thought this was hilarious and sent it to my terven friends. Why is it a shitty terf comic?

Also, I have been known to crack jokes about my dog identifying as a cat but worrying about whether I was projecting stereotypes used to oppress cats onto my dog as a way to test the waters on deeper conversations about humans.

I find this extra hilarious as my actual nickname for my actual dog is Baby Seal because he has a shiny coat. If only I could know what he identifies as, I'd be the Wokest of the Woke. Sigh.

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They can't even get it right because seals and sea lions are different smgdh

Anyway this is how I see Munchausen parents of trans kids

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Poor puppy. This hurts to read, even knowing that you would never do this to a real puppy.

This really highlights how screwed up the surgeries are. Like some Dr Moreau horror fodder...