I can see the pink news headline now: “TERFS want trans women to break skulls, Jk Rowling laughs.”

JK Rowling laughs while encouraging trans women to self harm!

Despite statistics showing that 85.3% of trans people have thoughts of self harm, the notoriously transphobic Harry Potter author wrote “actual lol” in response to a shocking Tweet encouraging trans people to “run very hard against a concrete wall.”

Dr Adrian Haddock, a qualified doctor who has previously worked in emergency rooms, commented “Running very hard against a concrete wall could seriously injure or even kill a trans woman. This Tweet is morally appalling and should be considered tantamount to incitement to transautogenocide.”

Letitia Ginormous, a trans woman, has posted shocking photos of her bloody injuries resulting from the Tweet. “It didn’t work, and now my head hurts,” said Letitia. She will be taking legal action against Rowling with the help of top QC Jolyon Maugham and condemns the cruel TERFs who claimed the blood in her photo was ketchup.

I thought this was just an amusing edit of something she actually tweeted.. nope its real what a queen

I'm glad she got a laugh out of this horrific incident. May she and her family remain safe

I cackled and will cackle again when PinkNews tries to spin this as promotion of trans self-harm. They'll stop at nothing to make women look like monsters, but they don't realize that it just makes them look even more deluded.

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I hope JKR sues Pink News into the ground. If Julie Bindel can sue them, JKR has more than enough grounds to do so.

And more than enough money to crush them.

It would give me so much glee to see her lion’s paw smack down on the insect that is PinkNews so bad.

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You know, with Transactivists accusing Rowling of hypocrisy for writing a fantasy book in which men (who invest a lot of time into learning how to ..) can turn into rats, and then not believing that men can turn into women in real life, I would be only mildly surprised if some were actually stupid enough to run against a concrete wall in the belief that they will magically enter Platform 9 3/4. Or believe that Rowling lives on Platform 9 3/4 despite there being no house there.

(Of course, the encouragement to run against a concrete wall came from a fellow transactivist, so it's not Rowling's fault, even if they were that stupid, but of course, TRAs can twist anything to suit their purposes)

The thing is, there IS no concrete wall between Platforms 9 and 10, if I remember at all correctly the setup of King's Cross station. There is the very decorative brick wall of a Harry Potter Fan shop, where you can pose with a trolley and make photos, but the wall described in the books sadly does not exist in that shape.

So I don't think we can look forward to an epidemic of TRAs giving themselves concussions in the noble quest ot harrass and threaten a middle aged author of a popular children's books series.

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Transactivists accusing Rowling of hypocrisy for writing a fantasy book in which men … can turn into rats, and then not believing that men can turn into women in real life

No – what – they really say this? Reeeaaally? So they cannot actually differentiate fantasy from reality? Or are they opposed to making a distinction between fantasy and reality on principle? Because… it's transphobic?

Edit: typo

Yeah, they definitely have said this. I've also seen similar criticisms about how Polyjuice Potion exists so how can Rowling believe that men can't become women.

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I've seen that one.

The utter stupidity.

Using a spell to make yourself LOOK like someone else doesn't actually turn you into that person. Oh, and it's fucking MAKE BELIEVE!

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