JK Rowling laughs while encouraging trans women to self harm!

Despite statistics showing that 85.3% of trans people have thoughts of self harm, the notoriously transphobic Harry Potter author wrote “actual lol” in response to a shocking Tweet encouraging trans people to “run very hard against a concrete wall.”

Dr Adrian Haddock, a qualified doctor who has previously worked in emergency rooms, commented “Running very hard against a concrete wall could seriously injure or even kill a trans woman. This Tweet is morally appalling and should be considered tantamount to incitement to transautogenocide.”

Letitia Ginormous, a trans woman, has posted shocking photos of her bloody injuries resulting from the Tweet. “It didn’t work, and now my head hurts,” said Letitia. She will be taking legal action against Rowling with the help of top QC Jolyon Maugham and condemns the cruel TERFs who claimed the blood in her photo was ketchup.