Then you will have bad faith actors attempt to pull the "But what about non-fertile women?!?" Thinking it's some sort of 'gotcha!'

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Non-fertile women STILL produce ova though, or at least are of the sex to have the capacity to do so. (But yeah, I know.)

Oh I agree, I was just dredging up something I keep hearing. I've had a hysterectomy, but damn well know I'm still female!

Hmmm... There may be something there that wasn't there before when I last watched Pokemon. 🤔

Wow, Pokemon has gotten so weirdly specific since I stopped paying attention to it! (It came out when I was an actual child, but I liked Digimon better.) This is very true, everyone knows you don't want a counterfeit Pokemon anymore than a counterfeit woman.

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The reverse is of course true for males: the male "seal" is the ability to produce small gametes.

I dabbled a bit in the pokemon world around the X/Y era and got sucked into the world of pokemon trading. It's crazy how strict the rules of some communities are. Hacked / backdoor-generated pokemon are okay to trade only as long as the user is aware it is a fake (not caught / generated through normal gameplay). Most people actually don't mind getting fakes, especially shinies (cooler colored versions), but only if they're aware it is a fake. Those that participate in RL tournaments and whatnot have a lot stricter guidelines and stuff that can check their game for hacks.

It's also boggling my mind that thousands of people understand the concept of putting a male pokemon with a female pokemon to breed a baby (along with all the shit about being in the right egg field group and held items and shiny chance and all the fun fun stuff about pokemon breeding) but still ultimately fall into gender woo. It's all Ditto's fault.

I’m dying 😂. As someone that spent a whole lot of time trying to hatch shinies, I appreciate this. My poor ditto lived in that day care even after it reached lvl 100.