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Brilliantly accurate of the way all males (and handmaidens, I've noticed, dismiss male violence, especially when they delusional assert women are just as violent/dangerous). Saved to my computer for future use.

Posted after a day of arguing with trans activists over Rowling being doxxed.

The new one with JKR now is ‘she sent Marilyn Manson flowers once. She must approve of his abuse’.

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"She's neurotically afraid of penises"

This one is my favourite. TRAs really say this shit with a straight face and think of themselves as feminist, not the MRAs they are. "It's just a penis! Why are you afraid of penises? We need to teach women and girls to unlearn their irrational, hysterical fear of penises in women's-only private spaces of undress. Stupid women, afraid of rape! So irrational, seeing rapists everywhere!"

A lot of them are unaware of how OLD a lot of these are. Almost all of them were being trotted out back in the’70s.

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Yes, it drives me up the wall! I've heard the exact same crap from regular old misogynist men my entire life, and now TRAs are trotting it out and saying it's both new and actually progressive! Another one is calling women "menstruators"; women-hating men have always called women "bleeders"!

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TW/ Misogyny/rape

"She's accusing him because deep down, she WANTS to have sex with him." Oh god, I just remembered that it's apparently a 'kink' for some men to be accused of rape by a woman, and then to actually rape her because 'if he's going to be accused, he may as well actually do it' and usually she apologises/begs him to stop as part of the fetish - usually ending in her being too traumatised to do anything and dropping the charges. It's so fucking disgusting.