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Jared from Finance can post BDSM selfies holding a gun and caption it "girls better behave or Mistress will punish you", no problem there, he can even get appointed as Regional Head of Guirlguiding.

But gawd forbids you said that humans can either only be female or male "and the rest is drag". Ultimate ejection from society.

So your comment got removed for being based in reality. So it goes, these days. Interesting that your more contrarian ones have stayed up but this seemingly benign one stayed up. I wonder why that is?

This is insane. You don’t even question that people can ‘identify as,’ you just say the reality is male and female. Yay science?

Someone I know is now writing whytesupremesy deliberately to get around flags. Now that particular person is probably 50-50 on her labelling, since she'd call us all whytesupremesists for being TERFy as hell, but there is a point to that sort of behaviour. At least someone has to DELIBERATELY flag it instead of just bots.