Imagine going on social media, seeing a picture of a literal bridge troll in purple lipstick & cat ears and writing “OMG SLAY QUEEN” like what? Even as a cringey 15 year old, I would never be this fucking lame. Nor would I lie to such a heinous degree.

a literal bridge troll in purple lipstick & cat ears

This is such an accurate description. 😂They all look like this too. It’s like they all fell off some conveyor belt from hell.

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"You look stunning!!"

Boring, can be said to anyone, no euphoria, -2/10 compliment.

"Who wouldn't wanna show you off?"

Validating, implies women are objects to be shown off, very euphoric, best compliment, 11/10.

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I literally typed in trans on TikTok and clicked the first creator that came up and scrolled through the first few posts and found all these right away it took me like five minutes to make this meme

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Tik Tok is like a ninth level of woke hell at this point.

"Oh, I'm so woke! Look at how I kiss this rapist creep's hairy ass! I'm so good and kind!!!!"

To be fair, this was a HSTS so they were actually decent looking. Not like Jessie Gender.

[–] dove ฅ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ฅ☆ 8 points

Oh no, I was just comparing the one compliment to the disgusting 'validating' comment, I knew that you didn't come up with them. Sorry for the confusion!

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Oh I know lol I just think it's funny how easy it was to find kiss assy comments directed towards these poor oppressed lowly beings. So glad we're privileged and don't have to deal with this

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I wonder when women will finally get tired of fawning over ugly men who think they're women.

Ugh, are these comments from r/AL or something?

Nevermind, I see these are from Tiktok. It really sounded like what the "folx" LARPing as lesbians on reddit would say, though.

Haha no I wouldn't go to Reddit because I don't know how many of them are also TiMs

*cis women

Idk. Something about the way you worded it, seems pretty terfy. Transwomen never oppress anyone. They can't. They don't hold any systemic power what with being so tragically marginalized

Comments like these genuinely make me forget where I am sometimes 😭

I don’t get why some women are falling over themselves fawning over these men who half the time can’t be bothered to put any effort into even somewhat looking decent.

I’ll never forget the MakeUpAddiction thread where a guy who’s name literally had sissy in it, posted a half ass attempt at blue eyeliner. The amount of women that went up and above out of their way to compliment him and feed into his fetish, while removing any negative criticism, was mind boggling.

Yea women oppress them by filtering out negative comments too it's SICK

Don't worry, this is a bunch of men doing their best girl power impressions.