Wouldn't it be awesome to dress like that and carry those signs in an actual trans march or demonstration or whatever? 🙃

My past troll-ish self thought the same thing, lmao. Blend in and see if they actually read the signs!

I'm starting to wonder if some of the "protesters" are already doing this and are now baffled that no-one has objected.

[–] Carrots90 10 points Edited

If we made it look like it was supportive, especially

Like, I would want to get the word out that the TIMs keep their dicks and are heterosexual. Plus what they are doing to kids

Like ‘lots of women have penises, get over it!!!


‘if you won’t date a TransWoman because of her big huge cock, you can suck mine’


‘Age is just a number, END TRANSITION DELAYS NOW!’

‘Kids with cancer get meds and surgeries in childhood. Transition is no less life saving. End oppressive age limits!!!’

[–] VestalVirgin 8 points Edited

We really should try out how far we can go until they cotton on to it that we are against it.

I once commented on the blog of someone who boasted about burning their Harry Potter books, eagerly agreeing with them, and going on and on about how I had always wanted to participate in a burning of children's books because I wasn't there when they burnt the books of Erich Kästner. (You may know who burnt his books and why, if you know your history better than the average TRA ...)

If anything of them was uneasy with what I wrote, they did not dare speak up for fear of being accused of wrongthink. Once they stated they were okay with burning books, what could they have accused me of? Being too enthusiastic about it? I hope some silent readers were peaked.

And that's the thing: It's an Emperor's New Clothes situation.People are afraid that, if they point out even the most horrible wrong thing in the movement, they will be accused of transphobia.

I'm not brave enough to test the limits of that in real life, but I think you could get away with almost anything.

You are already braver than I am!!

I like your comment. About book burning

Mental 🍆 Cult

All males, really. The Grand Delusion of Male Supremacy is a cult, and we are all brainwashed to believe in it, unfortunately some women never de-program.