It's actually more like: my fellow liberal keeps moving more and more right, but for some reason keeps claiming they've moved further to the left.

🤯🤯🤯 nailed it!!! I’m not turning conservative about womens rights, workers rights, or capitalism. The party is institutionalizing misogyny and female oppression, they’re the conservatives not me!

Exactly. There is nothing left/liberal about destroying sex based rights for women and girls.

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And everyone else is claiming it too. And I feel crazy because this is the country of “red scare”

I wonder what kind of Overton Window diagram would be able to depict this phenomena. Or I guess it would have to be a horseshoe? Because it's definitely happening: the left adopting rather extreme, pseudo-fascist ideals of the historic right, and the right… well, that varies. The not-far-right seems normal-ish and has at least softened on gay rights (while the left wants Iran-style conversion therapy for us), but the far-right seems to be getting sucked into cult-like thinking what with Q-Anon. Both sides seems to be joining pseudo-religious cults: Church of Trans and Q-Anon. Those in the middle are confused about whether or not to continue to identify with their former political compatriots, especially if they aren't bothering to dig too deep about what's actually happening. So you have people going along with stuff they never would otherwise just because everyone else they know is, and (in the case of Church of Trans, thanks to billionaire backing and big pharma), it even has corporate sponsorship! How can that be wrong? Oreos wouldn't go along with something evil, would they? It's a mess.

Could you explain why you think liberals are moving closer to the right? Thank you

I'd think the ACLU calling for book-banning would be a good example. The pervasive thought-policing, social control, eager embrace of centralized top-down measures to shape and limit behavior and discourse, coordinated between corporations and federal government. Used to be right-wingers crying about libs being allowed to exercise their free speech by burning a flag, now the same broad category of people who would have been perceived as wanting to burn a flag want you to be correctively raped for saying biology is real and sit around in left-wing online echo chambers glibly mocking "freeze peach".

If u want a political movement that's critical of the "wokeness" and how it has devolved in sexism, then u have to go even further left. To the anticapitalist materialistic left and not staying in the liberal center or going even further to the right. Thinking politics like progressives vs conservatives is so american.

Honestly I become gc thanks to twitter and youtube. I thought ovarit was gonna be awesome. But every time I see more and more posts like this and it makes me sad.

I never left the left - the left left me.

Exactly, and this is such a good visual representation of that feeling. I'm still standing in the same spot with my mouth hanging open like...

I do have to say, the right didbt just stay put… it also took a few steps to the right.

Conspiracy theories have really taken off in a way they never have before. The widespread use of the internet has exacerbated both sides spreading out.

Don’t forget that conservatives only agree with radfems on trans issues, and largely for homophobic and sexist reasons. Both sides hate radfems and GCs, because both see us as on ‘the other side.’ We manage to support the least popular positions on either side of the aisle, because women are our focus.

It feels like both the far left and the far right, while becoming more and more similar to each other, have both been sucked into cults: Church of Trans/Genderism and Q-Anon.

In my case, I'm standing at the curve of a horseshoe that keeps lengthening in either direction.

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I truly believe that the very large majority are standing on that bend in the horseshoe with us.

Not even close to me, the liberal wokeys are the ones who moved right lol. They agree with gender roles and sexism, I believe in science and biological reality.

Yeah, that's basically me. I think part of it is the natural progression of getting older, where progressive policing start making less sense for that particular person, and people end up conservative that way. However this new wokeness movement is so extreme, they really are running away with what used to be reasonable policies and leaving so many political homeless or at the very least, forced to vote for the lessor of two evils.

Found on twitter. Seemed accurate. Credit https://twitter.com/SwipeWright/status/1462114108535312388

If one issue is enough to reclassify yourself as a conservative, maybe you weren't all that left wing to begin with.

I’m going to hope you mean this solely in the trans activism sense instead of the general political sense. If you’re finding your overall political beliefs place you on the right, you are most definitely an arrogant, sexist, racist prick.

The political compass test puts me in the far left despite being against prostitution and TRA nonsense. If you’re against those things and find yourself in the right, you’re gonna have to believe some other conservative bullshit with it.

Totally agree. I don't know why but I feel ovarit is far more to the right than radfem twitter or YouTube. It's really sad.

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