They really don't. We have been lying to these poor bastards for so long now. They think they look good au natural and they think they look good hairy af and they think they age so much better than us- and it's all just a lie to placate their egos. And keep us feeling bad about ourselves, which is how they control us

[–] proudcatlady 29 points Edited

Literally this.

“I don’t want my woman hairy!” So you think we like you hairy?

“I don’t want my woman too muscular!” You think we like you muscular (especially with male violence rates against women and your partner being the most likely person to hurt or kill you)?

“I don’t like women with acne!” Look in the mirror. Use something besides Cetaphil for once in your life.

“Wow she really let herself go! She doesn’t even try anymore!” Nice sweatpants and XL graphic tee Patrick.

“I hate women with short hair!” Thats because short hair looks unflattering on most face shapes. Including yours Patrick.

“She’s too fat!” At least her fat distributes nicely. You look pregnant Patrick.

I hold men to the same standard I hold women to and let me tell you, most men aren’t passing. Especially most men whose families have been in the US for two generations or more.

[–] NoOneSpecial 5 points Edited

My favorite is "Men age like wine, women like milk."

Said every man who will end up in an early grave, from a stress-induced heart attack, or clogged arteries. Meanwhile, all those women you lie to yourself about will overwhelmingly outlast your scrote asses.

So the whole time, it was projection of their own feelings of inferiority and desperation to cope.

Yeah, anyone with eyes knows women age MUCH better than men. Even in my most pickme NLOG days I knew that was a massive projection.

😂😂😂 ”you look pregnant Patrick”. I snorted water out of my nose laughing

[–] Fluffy_gender 10 points Edited

“I don’t want my woman too muscular!” You think we like you muscular (especially with male violence rates against women and your partner being the most likely person to hurt or kill you)?

I mean, I don't like fat guys but I definitely like guys with muscles and typical male pattern body hair doesn't bother me. Also, even if a guy isn't muscular looking at all, he's still stronger than most women, so...

I disagree. They look good natural… AND SO DO WE!!!!

Hairless and slathered in pigments isn’t better

I actually agree. All I meant was that they're told from birth that they're perfect just the way they are while we're told that we need to make a thousand modifications.

I never understood what people meant when they would say that men age better. I do not see it. Just because George Clooney is still attractive, does not mean that Joe Smith down the street looks good for his age.

🗣 Ya'll are not George Clooney.

Men started saying that then they projected their fear of aging onto women. They hate adult women. Adult women can SEE them.

Thank you! I've been saying that for years. It's just yet another illogical male delusion. It started just because they have thicker skin than us. Okay great... still aint lookin good.

Women look good without makeup too, you've just been conditioned to not see it

Yup, exactly my thoughts on this. Honestly all these "flaws" I am supposed to dislike, I find charming.

I saw a comment online about a 44 year old male celebrity gushing about how young he looked. Just about every female celebrity his age (and quite a few non celebrities) look a lot more youthful.

I am somewhat bemused at the number of middle aged men who think their female peers are ‘too old’ to date while looking literally as if they could be these women’s fathers.

[–] Chopu [OP] 29 points Edited

It's the double standards that get to me the most. I once saw some comments acting all surprised and disappointed about how Cameron Diaz doesn't look the same as she did in The Mask anymore. Like bruh, do you seriously expect a woman's face to not change at all after 25 years??!

Meanwhile, for actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, these same reddit commenters will go but hE iS iN hIS pRiMe now... "In fact he looks better now. He was too feminine looking before".

"In fact he looks better now. He was too feminine looking before".

They also think male taste is universal.

I happen to prefer men who look feminine. There's no such thing as "too feminine". (That might not be a taste all women share, but I do think it is common. Just saying. Legolas fangirls.)

I don't think it's controversial at all to say that Leo lust was in its prime during his pretty boy days, and he has not aged very well at all. Same with Johnny Depp.

We all know why. Famous male actors often party too hard while the women are taking care of their bodies because that's all Hollywood values. No 40 year old is ever going to look 26 again, but the women are going to maintain their looks for longer because we're pressured too. It's not rocket science, and it's hilarious men think otherwise.

A bunch of young girls today are into BTS and they wear makeup and look "feminine". So tastes are changing

Meanwhile, for actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, these same reddit commenters will go but hE iS iN hIS pRiMe now... "In fact he looks better now. He was too feminine looking before".

Right, because there’s nothing sexier than coke bloat. And even if he did look the same as he did in his twenties, when I did think he was attractive, he’d still be massively unappealing because of his penchant for dating women half his age. (Also, if he did look the same, I wouldn’t be attracted to him because I’m a middle age woman now and I’d think he looks like a child)

I remember mentioning somewhere (Twitter maybe?) that I think it's weird he only dates much younger women, and got some MRAs riled up who called me old. When I'm actually in his "preferred dating range demographic', lol. They always think any woman who thinks older men dating much younger women is strange are much older and "jealous" of them, or something.

I was thinking the other day - do men get that thing where women half their age look like children to them? I'm in my 30s and Titanic era Leo D looks like a kid to me, so while I can see he's handsome, he doesn't attract me in that way.

However, I think most/all men my age and older view women of 18 - 25 as attractive and would sleep with them if they could. Is that universal for men, or do some of them get the same feeling of "Aw, cute little 21 year old" that women do?

lmfao i was talking shit about Leo for being an unattractive creep who only dates 25 and younger and my dad got SO mad about it but i had to grow up hearing him calling it "sad" when his favorite actresses aged.

Says straight men scared of their own mortality. They fucking die earlier on average and know it. They have to drag women in order to feel better. It's a cope.

Leonardo has always been hideous but gets much worse with age

I disagree there. I rewatched Romeo and Juliet a few months ago, and I didn’t get it then (I was like 8) but now I totally understand what the hype was.

Ah, Cameron in The Mask . . . . That takes me back.

I think the The Mask is actually even older than 25. I think it's closer to thirty years old! And yet, they expect Cameron to still look like that? They need to leave her alone.

Meanwhile down here in reality women really don’t go for old men. Celebrity culture has made the everyday man delusional. And you know what those celebrities have? Money. And plastic surgery and stylists and makeup artists and hair treatments to do as much damage control as possible.

When I was in my twenties I wanted to break the mold and be open to dating younger men if I were still single at middle age. I didn't stay single but that's besides the point because when I hit middle age, all I saw in younger men were their stupid man buns and gigantic beards, and all I could think is "no thank you". Then I learned that they like to choke women in bed and anal is the norm for them, and middle age me now think that if I were young again, I just want to be completely celibate.

Considering how little and how slowly men mature due to all the constant coddling, I can’t imagine dating down in age.

This is how I feel now, in my 20s. I have only dated one man and I find most men unappealing without even trying to, but especially much older men. Besides not having anything in common with them, too.

It's money. It's not that men get better as they age a la George Clooney, even ugly fucks like Tarantino and Musk are partnered with women half their age.

[–] BlackCirce 🔮🐖🐖🐖 9 points

Elon Musks’s elderly mother looks better than him. Someone pointed her out to me, and I was looking at her photos and getting heart palpitations, while her offspring looks like a soft oily toad with legs.

I never got the hype about George Clooney. He’s an aesthetic old man who aged better than most men. Still old. Not sexually interested.

I’m watching ER series 1 again and I can’t get over how young George Clooney is. He’s a couple of years older than me and I was struck at the time by how handsome he was, but now I look at those episodes and he’s like a kid. (Whereas Noah Wyle was a mere lad then, lol.)

[–] Lilith-Fair 3 points Edited

I can think of a few male celebrities who aged well but they were all from boomer generations or before. From GenX onward, they all look like shittier as they age. Idk why. Maybe it's the drugs? The studio execs are wondering why Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's latest movie bombed. Idk about the movie but just looking at that duo in the promo posters pretty much turned me off. Them two don't have especially great acting skills and their pretty boy days are long gone. No fan girls want to flock to see them anymore.

Also lot of male celebrities have tons of plastic surgery done too so their faces are destroyed. I can't watch Tom Cruise movies anymore because all I can do is gawk at his face and wonder if it might fall off.

I never cease to be amazed by how many rich celebrities have bad cosmetic surgery. They have the money to have the best doctor. They have the money to sue a doctor. The doctor wants (presumably) to do a good job because a celebrity is a walking advert for their work. So why do so many of them have botched fillers, Botox and surgery?

An ordinary French ‘femme d’un certain age’ with far fewer resources has access to a much better standard of work and at a lower price. I just don’t get it.

I'm sure they use the best and most expensive doctors. But when they have so much work done, it's inevitable they would destroy their natural faces. Doctors aren't magicians and they can only do so much. There's a Star-Trek: TNG episode where an alien specie's male leader does tons of facelifts until there's little or no skin left on his face to cut. The scene of him getting yet another facelift made me cringe. Tom Cruise reminds me of that alien now every time I see a picture or video of him.

Men almost never look good.

When women date ugly men and get shit for it, I'm like but there are hardly any good looking ones, they gotta settle for crap...lmao. The pool of actual good looking guys on par with women is so tiny...

For reals, I'm single and looking, and I often catch myself thinking "I wish I was a hetero male, there's so many pretty women my age, but the men are ... meh"

I saw a comedy post the other day that said "Pete Davidson must be really good at sending fast text message replies" -- like implying that a man with his face just keeps getting these glamorous celebrity women because he has basic communication skills and most men don't?

Yeah, I was thinking the same. Most men have ugly features and are bad groomed and it shows.

I don’t think they have ugly features anymore than women do (I’m bi and you might be gay so that could be part of it). Men just don’t do ANYTHING. They really think they look okay just rolled out of bed. And I guess they do because no one ever seems to tell them otherwise. Except me, and that makes me a man-hater.

Maybe everyone looks ok just rolled out of bed! I don't know why we're all so disconnected from our real selves that we think our natural state is so obscene

[–] NoOneSpecial 2 points Edited

I mean, I don't do anything anymore.

I don't wear makeup, I don't tweeze or shave any part of my body. I don't spend money on skincare (my focus is just eating healthily) or use hair products. I don't wear nail polish or fake nails, or fake eyelashes, or anything. I wear comfortable clothes and something cutest only if I have the time and it makes sense.

I'm quite tiny and don't go to the gym. I pretty much am as hands-off as you can be, more so than many men.

I still think I look just fine. In fact, I feel better about my appearance now that I've stopped caring and spending money on products that destroy my self-esteem, skin, and the environment.

I remember seeing a strikingly good-looking man in person once. Precisely once. And he wouldn’t have looked at all appealing without his shoulder-length curls and moustache.

Other than that, it’s only a few actors or historical figures I find good-looking, and I’ve never seen them in person - it’s very different on screen or in still pictures.

You really have the ugliest goblins date women that could be models, then you realize that we are just so conditioned to accept men no matter what they look like.

[–] [Deleted] 14 points Edited

Yep. This is why when men actually try even a little with their appearance they get insane amounts of praise. The default is to view them as attractive in their natural state, so all they need to do to be considered a 10 is to get a decent haircut and put on a suit.

Meanwhile, women are expected to be supermodels before they can get even an ounce of attention. Even pretty women get ignored if they aren't perfectly thin, made-up, and surgically enhanced. It's terrifying walking past a highschool in this day and age, especially in an affluent area. Boys look like they always have, but so many girls are walking around wearing false lashes and a full face of makeup TO SCHOOL. It's absolutely insane, and it won't get easier when they get out of high school either.

Gen z women and girls are so screwed.

[–] BlackCirce 🔮🐖🐖🐖 9 points

I know I’m late to the party but men are hideous. Most of them are not worth looking at even once. Women hold themselves to impossible beauty standards because men are pedo-adjacent. Nobody is 19 forever, but women can have babies for roughly forty years of our lives, so it doesn’t have to do with so called “fertility.” I am 34 and there are women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who turn my head. Women are taught to obsess and mourn signs of aging, even though women are more likely to remain beautiful when old. Men are taught to celebrate aging, even though old men are almost all ugly. Resist. Love your face. Throw your makeup away. Look at photos of women without make up or who don’t fit the norm. Stop using filters.

If she’s talking about men irl, most of them have really dry skin because washing/hydrating your face is apparently girly.

If she’s talking about celebrities, boy do I have news for her. They’re all wearing makeup and using photoshop.

I will go hard for a man with a skincare routine. That’s where the bar is. And usually it’s a filthy bar of soap.

I always think this about men and aging. We accept that men 'are most attractive' in their 30s and 40s but that women are 'aging' at the same age. It's literally because we're so used to seeing very young women in media, so our perception skews towards teens and 20s being the 'normal' age for women and 35 is an 'older' woman.

Media representation plays such a big role in all this. I think so much about how it has led to the normalization of age gap relationships where the guy is like 40 years old and the woman in her 20s. Meanwhile, if a woman is even 2 years older than her boyfriend, she is labelled a 'cougar'.

I miss r/MenOfTheWall.

Is it gone? I think the misogyny fest of r/thewall is still up

Yeah, pretty sure it got shut down for 'hate' and obviously 'r/thewall' is still up because it mocks women who don't feed into male pedophilic fantasies that women become haggard past age 25 or whatever. Anything that correctly points out that many men age like dog shit obviously can't be allowed to exist, though. Reddit in a nutshell.

That sub probably got so full within the first five minutes that it brought down reddit.

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