This is a brilliant summation of why modern liberal feminism is a failure. These libfems are trained to be Activist Nannies for every cause EXCEPT female rights. And any woman who wants to exclusively focus on things like abortion, FGM, and other issues that only impact females is painted as a selfish b!tch who wants trans people to die.

Its like how MRAs screech about feminists not building shelters for homeless and abused men while they sit on their asses doing nothing to help anybody

[–] IrishTheFrenchie say_wut? 49 points

If anyone ever doubted there was such a thing as male privilege and the patriarchy, all they have to do is look at what is happening right now.

Women have said "no". That's literally it. We've said "no", and men are going absolutely bonkers.

I used to be one of those people who laughed at terms like "male privilege" and "patriarchy". Sadly, the rapid rise of trans ideology (and how quickly and easily it toppled women's protections) is proof that even women in first world countries aren't safe from it.

Conservatives and essentialist don’t get to tell us…

But I thought feminism is for everyone? Yet again, words only have meaning when it’s convenient.

But I thought feminism is for everyone? Yet again, words only have meaning when it’s convenient.

Exactly! Feminism is for everyone....except for those icky conservatives and other people i personally dislike!

You've turned feminism into female socialization

is a great line.

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So to re-cap the trans movement is about making woman submissive to men in every way? So isn't this just like the patrichary with extra steps? Their wiggle room is they are different from the Christian right because they are "women"? Bullshit. All of it's bullshit. The only people who need feminism are real, biological women. I can't belive I live in a timeline where I had to type that out.

Lol "feminism is for everyone". Had a (female) kid lecture me about how "feminism has now evolved to become the fight for every minority, not just women".

Yeah, no.

For anyone who hasn’t listened to Gail dines talk “neoliberalism and the defanging of feminism” I heavy recommend it. It brushes a little on this topic- feminism is meant to be a political ideology about the liberation of women from the patriarchy and has been coopted by everything under the sun to water it down and make it weak and ineffectual. It’s turned into an individualistic movement where you define it on your own terms.

Penny is the latest TRA to take to defending noncery and you even have to pay to read her Foucault apologia.

Penny is the latest TRA to take to defending noncery

This does not surprise me. That dumbass handmaiden would throw a puppy in a woodchipper if some TIM told her it was queer somehow

Since I found out that Lavery was an ex of hers, I’m very tempted to think she is still suffering the effects of being in a relationship with such a twisted person.

A lot of TRAs do this.

‘Don’t you dare label us as perverts!’

‘Well, actually, maybe adults raping children [because there can never be meaningful consent in such situations] isn’t so bad’

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There's a group on my campus and I don't want to say the exact name for anonymity but it has women in the name and gives the impression that it's a for women club. Nope. Everyone is allowed. It's not even that it's women + " gender inclusive" which is most of these now but it straight up allows and has male members. I was so excited to join and have a female space until I realized that.

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