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I just came here to post this!!!

She's so amazing.

Ms. Rowling, if you're on Ovarit, we sincerely appreciate everything you've done.

I am sure she lurks here (and may even have an account under a pseudonym).

Keep up the good fight, JK! 🙂

I was never really into Harry Potter but the series was so huge that JK Rowling was personally a huge icon throughout my childhood. It was so cool to see a female billionaire, writing stories that even the boys were obsessed with. I used to read her and the casts' interviews in magazines and online.

It's just a special kind of cool when a childhood figure of yours goes against the grain to stand up for human rights. It makes me so incredibly happy to see her continually standing up for women's rights.

She's used to religious nuts trying to shut her down, not her first rodeo! Just a different type of religion now hehe

I seriously love her. And the fact that people hate her so much yet it's absolutely impossible to cancel her because of how successful her books are... it's delicious <3

I was never really into Harry Potter

Same. Honestly I think i read the first or first two books and thought: "Meh." But I could see why people liked it, and i've always held her and the HP series in high regards because, more importantly, it made children like to read and taught them about values like friendship and bravery and developing a strong character and all that. And which author can actually say that about their books? Certainly not Terry Pratchett. Also, his depictions of female characters suck balls.

Edit: Have any of you ever read any of her other stuff? Like under her Galbraith pseudonym or so?

I second BathMat’s comment, and would add that her novel The Casual Vacancy is excellent too – gruelling in the best possible way. It really impresses me what range she has developed as a writer, from wonderful children’s books to gritty adult novels.

Yes read the Strike books, they're really interesting and full of subtle feminism

Having a rough time with gender nonsense at the moment, so earlier I put the Harry Potter soundtrack on as that often gives me some inspiration when I most need it. It gave me such a sense of calm and purpose, and then made me think how many of those little moments of joy and comfort and inspiration JKR has given to so many people. It’s such a bigger impact on the world than all the sniping inquisitors on twitter. I’m far too old to be playing that I’m Dumbledore, but I do, and it really helps me rise above the idiocy in the Daily Prophet and get on with the actual work that I want to do in the world. I’m so glad that she spoke out on this issue, but I also hope that she always keeps a sense with her of how much bigger her impact is than this silly fight. I imagine she does, as I don’t think she’d continue to write such deeply thoughtful books if she didn’t.

J.K. Rowling. Queen, sister, Auntie, Mother. Thank you, She-Who-Speaks for women.

She is the best. I’ve sent a few messages of support and her assistants have responded with personalized messages. Such a class act.

I’ve sent a few messages of support and her assistants have responded with personalized messages. Such a class act.

I was pleasantly surprised to get those personalized messages as well. Rowling truly is a queen

How did you message her??? I want to show my support and get a personalized message lol

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It's funny. TRAs wouldn't hate JKR nearly as much if she wasn't obviously a very nice lady.

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She's just so lovely. I'm grudgingly impressed by how TRAs were able to manipulate ignorant people into jumping on the hate train against her, because she has always been pure class.

My hope is that for every loudmouth TRA, there are 10 quiet observers who notice exactly which side is abusive, and which is thoughtful and kind.

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Whenever anyone brings up JKR’s alleged transphobia and the “violence” she incites, I always encourage them to actually read her tweets and her blog, and then get back to me.

And no, reading other people’s interpretation of her tweets is not the same thing.

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