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The twitter comments lmfao jesus christ

are either:

1) "so you're saying women can't rape too?! The AUDACITY"
2) "interesting are you saying women can't have penises?!"
3) "stop with all this hate omg i used to look up to you why do you keep doing this"

Yes, women can't rape in the terms it means in the law, because "rape" as it is defined in the UK can only be committed by someone with a penis, which only MEN have. Which is the issue, because if MEN self ID as women, that's exploiting the law.

Of course women can sexually assault men and vice versa. We can disagree on what you want the word "rape" to mean until the cows go home, but in this case, it's clearly talking about the UK law where the definition of "rape" is by a man, with a penis.

If you'd clicked on the fucking article she linked and took the time to read it, you would see that's what it fucking was about. But of course no one on twitter reads, except when they want likes and attention and self-matyring for the trans cause.

Yes, women don't fucking have penises. Deal with it. No, transwomen aren't women. They're men trying very very hard to pass as women. Their cells are still male. Their biopsy and autopsies will be male. Their bones will be male. Their neovagina will have male cells. Deal. With. It. This is proven by the very fact that they are on a neverending life quest to keep trying to become more "womanly" and they'll still never face oppression from birth solely for being female, because they're just not.

It's heartening that there's currently 40K likes to the 1.5K so comments and 3K so retweets. Debating with the TRAzies on twitter is futile.