I started reading her latest book after all the drama about it, and I tell ya what, this woman impresses me more with every exposure. If you haven't read it, it's well worth it. Now I need to go back and start the series from the beginning!

I love the Strike books. I'm low-key obsessed. The slow burn, meticulous crafting of Strike (but even more interestingly, Robin's) journeys! Argh, I love it so much. 💗 And they announced Book #6! The Ink Black Heart. I can't wait.

Oooh, when is the new book out? I, too, am a bit obsessed - absolutely devoured all of them, only to realize that I had wrongly assumed there were already 6 books. Was left in a bit of despair, to be honest, but this news just made my day! (Alongside with the tweet, I must add.)

No release date yet. 🙃 Current theory, based on the past few, is that it will be fall. I think it's safe to assume next year. So fall 2022? Fingers crossed!