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I started reading her latest book after all the drama about it, and I tell ya what, this woman impresses me more with every exposure. If you haven't read it, it's well worth it. Now I need to go back and start the series from the beginning!

I started the Strike series while traveling for Thanksgiving and I didn't want my flights to end - I could not put them down! She really is a magnificent writer.

I love the Strike books. I'm low-key obsessed. The slow burn, meticulous crafting of Strike (but even more interestingly, Robin's) journeys! Argh, I love it so much. 💗 And they announced Book #6! The Ink Black Heart. I can't wait.

Oooh, when is the new book out? I, too, am a bit obsessed - absolutely devoured all of them, only to realize that I had wrongly assumed there were already 6 books. Was left in a bit of despair, to be honest, but this news just made my day! (Alongside with the tweet, I must add.)

No release date yet. 🙃 Current theory, based on the past few, is that it will be fall. I think it's safe to assume next year. So fall 2022? Fingers crossed!

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I respect her so so much 🙏🏾 she literally needs to be protected at all costs.

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So far only a few rape defenders there but I’m sure they’re coming.

This woman is my hero.

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Over 5,000 likes in half an hour 💕 things like this gives me hope!

So much strength and courage. I wish there was something I could do for her.

I sent her an e-mail (okay - let's be honest, she isn't the one reading these messages but anyway) via her website and received a really wonderful, warm, personalized reply from her team.

I just wrote how much she has inspired me and thousands of women around the world. :) She gets so much shit, the least we can do is to show our appreciation, even if it's just a short e-mail. And even though I know she didn't personally respond to me it made me super giddy to get a response. Gotta love this woman and everyone that works for her.

I'm sure someone who does read those emails will tell her that she's getting a lot of love and support. That will male her happy. We need a happy badass truth-speaking queen.

My feminist group sent her a printed letter and we also received a really nice response from her assistant. I think she really does appreciate it.

You know what's awesome - my instant response to this was, "I'll buy more copies of her books!" But then you realize that much of the sales profit from that goes to her various women and children's charities.💗 Because she's a queen. 👑

Given that she isn’t going to directly receive any communication or money, I think the best thing we can do is defend her publicly when possible.

I told my mom I want an “I ❤️ JK Rowling” lawn sign for Christmas haha

the more rapist TRAs flood her mentions with slurs and violent threats in defense of rapists, the more people they peak. one has to laugh

I love her! She can say exactly what she thinks now, I'm so jealous :D

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The twitter comments lmfao jesus christ

are either:

1) "so you're saying women can't rape too?! The AUDACITY"
2) "interesting are you saying women can't have penises?!"
3) "stop with all this hate omg i used to look up to you why do you keep doing this"

Yes, women can't rape in the terms it means in the law, because "rape" as it is defined in the UK can only be committed by someone with a penis, which only MEN have. Which is the issue, because if MEN self ID as women, that's exploiting the law.

Of course women can sexually assault men and vice versa. We can disagree on what you want the word "rape" to mean until the cows go home, but in this case, it's clearly talking about the UK law where the definition of "rape" is by a man, with a penis.

If you'd clicked on the fucking article she linked and took the time to read it, you would see that's what it fucking was about. But of course no one on twitter reads, except when they want likes and attention and self-matyring for the trans cause.

Yes, women don't fucking have penises. Deal with it. No, transwomen aren't women. They're men trying very very hard to pass as women. Their cells are still male. Their biopsy and autopsies will be male. Their bones will be male. Their neovagina will have male cells. Deal. With. It. This is proven by the very fact that they are on a neverending life quest to keep trying to become more "womanly" and they'll still never face oppression from birth solely for being female, because they're just not.

It's heartening that there's currently 40K likes to the 1.5K so comments and 3K so retweets. Debating with the TRAzies on twitter is futile.

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