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It's gotten to the point where I cringe at rainbows now. The rainbow used to be my favorite fucking thing and I was SO happy with LGB rights were starting to gain traction. Now I want nothing to do with it...

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I agree. I used to love rainbows as a baby gay, but now as I look at who else uses them I always default to the labrys flag.

Same here. I can't see anything rainbow colored anymore without reflexively cringing.

I don't get the flag obsession. It's like something I'd assume little kids would be into. Ooh look at my special colors! These ones represent meee! It's just more attention seeking bullshit. Lol

I've lost the link and can't remember where it was; but I read about how an obsession with record keeping and the minutiae of categories is a feature of authoritarian individuals and regimes. It didnt really make sense until now - they need to keep track so they know who doesn't belong, who is not 'one of us'. They can't just take you at face value as a human when they first meet you because thats dangerous, they might accidentally like someone who does wrong-think.

Thank you! I was beginning to think I may be odd for not getting it at all. What's with everyone and their brother having a flag all of sudden? Do they expect to get territory soon? Why would anyone need a flag? It's just ridiculous!

I think up to a point, all this stuff can help a person understand themselves and their sexuality, but once you make it your entire identity and are putting it in social media bios, then it seems like you have a problem and need something more in life...

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EXACTLY. Hopefully they mature soon and realize they were doing it all for attention and leave us alone.

Who else thinks it's suspicious that the lesbian flag is the only one that constantly gets remade because the creator was problematic, up to the point where no one even knows what the lesbian flag looks anymore while all other flags are totally okay to remain constant no matter what bullshit their creators pull? :)

Yeah the Labrys and the rainbow have tons of history in gay communities and I will wear them out to find other gay people -- it is so nice meeting other lesbians in the wild that way. I'm sick and tired of a bunch of spicy straights making color pallettes for every microlabel...

but the literal encroaching of gender shit onto the rainbow flag that every corporate ally thing uses now is so ridiculously offensive! I have been offered rainbow pins by gay owned local businesses IRL and had to turn them down and say yeah no I'm not wearing the one with the triangle cutting over it. They did not understand, must be nice being a gay dude whose spaces aren't overrun with trans-identified hets (yet).

The sad thing is that they aren’t even really β€œspicy” straights. Shave off the blue hair and you have the most boring people on the face of the planet. Interesting people don’t need to cling to identities.

Spicy straight is just what I call all these identities that are still just straight people lol! However quirky or interesting they are as people is whatever to me they just aren't gay... I honestly do not have a problem with women with blue hair, I have a problem when they bring their matching boyfriends and take over events that were supposed to be for gay people.

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That's what I always bring up; the new colors have no significance other than being somewhat pink or encompassing a skin color/black stripe for inclusivity. The labrys has much more significance and history, but that gets taken away because it's "problematic". It's awful.

As a lesbian, I don't like any of them. I've never liked rainbows. I feel bad for heterosexual people that want to show off how much they like rainbows but can't because its a political statement.

Lol, when I use a rainbow in something I make it pastel and turn up the gradient so it looks least like the pride flag.

I like the labrys itself, like the actual ax, but I don't care about putting it on a flag. However if I had to have a flag, it's probably be that one.

[–] ArmedFemme [OP] πŸͺ–πŸŽ–οΈ 4 points

I just got a Labrys flag myself, it's badass and doesn't look like a normal pride flag, so nobody would suspect anything. Win-win scenario if you ask me.

I've always thought it kind of tacky to go around wearing rainbow crap or to stamp rainbow stickers all over your car. It's typically something "baby lesbians" do when they first come out and they're very young. They don't understand the danger and they're kids so they don't see how it looks . . . bad (so, so tacky . . .).

Half the TRAs doing this crap are straight teenagers who think being gay is a fad or a costume. I can't believe this the reality we're living in.

Contest for Terf Flag when?

Yeah, when do we get a flag? We really should have one. Everyone else and their brother does.

Maybe that's why we're so unpopular, LOL. If we had a flag, we could attract more people. Only half kidding there.

[–] ArmedFemme [OP] πŸͺ–πŸŽ–οΈ 2 points

I think we do have one for TERFs, but it's too similar to the gender-qu**r flag and gets mistaken for it a lot. I want to find a TERF/radfem flag that isn't inherently lesbian/bi, and for the straight women too, but so far I have found none. I might just make one. Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

We have the suffrage colours, which is funny cause I think similar colours are used by some Demi/semi whatever people. πŸ’œπŸ€πŸ’š

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