When looking at that makes you think of jewish people, there's something wrong with you, not with JKR.

That tweet was satire btw, the others probably not. Google titania mcgrath, it's a parody account.

It is satire for a reason, though. There really are people who looked at this and went "Hmm, this must be a representation of jews!" πŸ˜‘

Sorry I should have clarified that these tweets were jokes, Titania (satire account of a male comedian) inspired GC people to start parodizing TRAs who always moan about the "problematic" things JKR does.

JK Rowling gave my cat expensive wet food, so now she no longer eats the cheap wet food. Why would JK Rowling do this?

How has JKR hurt YOU today?

JKR ate the last Pop Tart and put the empty box back in the cupboard.

JK Rowling used the last of the toilet paper and didn't put a fresh roll on. She just left the cardboard tube on the holder for you.

She did the same with the last piece of chocolate. It' s like she' s saying "Suck it, I was here first"!

Sorry, but that' s dastardly.

Remember when JKR ate my goldfish, and she lied to me and said I never had any goldfish?

But why did I have the bowl, JKR? Why did I have the bowl?

This one really messed was particularly funny for me because this scene is ingrained in my head in its translated version.

Reading this brought up some faint echo in my head that I had to listen too until I heard Milhouse scream in French and my brain translated it back to English.


It was an interesting phenomenon and I'm glad I shared.

JKR keeps making the corners of my fitted sheet pop off in the night. She’s the worst

So that’s why mine did it last night! And to think I blamed the cats.

JKR makes sure my printer has no ink right before I need to print something important.

JKR made my package get lost in the mail and told UPS not to cooperate with me in any capacity

JKR keeps leaving takeout leftovers in my fridge that we both know she's never going to eat.

JKR is the reason I always forget to take something down to my car before work, and have to go back for it even though I'm running late.

J.K. Rowling put my dead frog in the toilet when I was at school but forgot to flush it.


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