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I recently watched the two fantastic beasts movies fully expecting to hate them because years ago everyone decided JK Rowling wasn't woke enough, everything she does sucks, and Dumbledore wasn't gay enough in the second movie. They're really good! I'm so glad I decided to watch them out of spite for her haters. I think I prefer them to the original series because the characters are adults.

With the second one make sure you watch the extended cut if you watch it. The one that was released in the theaters was choppy and didn't make much sense, because crucial scenes were cut out of the movie, thanks to movie execs.

I'm curious. Would you recommend them to someone who loved the HP books, but hated the film adaptations? I struggled with the HP films because I thought the casting for almost everyone was abysmal. I didn't even bother watching most of the later movies. But since I don't have the same prior attachment to the Fantastic Beasts characters, I'm thinking the cast wouldn't be such a stumbling block for me. Are they worth it for fans of the Wizarding World who didn't necessarily like the HP movies?

The first movie was really good, and the actors fit the characters because, well, we had no idea what they were supposed to look like, anyway. And there's lots of cute magical creatures. Not all of those look like I think they should, but at least the Nifflers are extremely cute. I'm ... a bit more on the fence about the second movie, there's even more plot that doesn't involve magical creatures and some plot turns are a bit weird.

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I'd say, give it a shot. I didn't care for the adaptations either, or the casting. Just try to watch them with low expectations, like I did. To be completely honest, I'm not confident in my recommendations, I have a questionable taste in films lol

LOL , it's fine. My own tastes are all over the place, so who knows... :)