This could apply to all the "lesbian" reddit subs as well.

Lol, my first thought was "hey, is that r/actuallesbians"

[–] Shinyowl 1 points Edited

I got curious and went and took a look over there, and saw a "Friendly Reminder" is that some women have dicks, and it's awesome!
Of course, the majority of men there are bepenised, with zero intentions of changing that.

It did crack me up that a few of them bemoaned the fact that they can't seem to get a lesbian date. The best these guys can hope for is a very tolerant straight or bisexual woman.

I know, I never saw so many pornified men in my life.

Not just any porn, it's all like pedo anime shit. Any time women talk about pussy? That's triggering, you need to be banned, we're only allowed to talk about dick in this "lesbian" space. Vom. I just feel bad for young girls who go on there before they have any lesbian friends in real life.

I honestly don't understand the anime stuff, with the cat ears and everything. It's like these guys are channeling 6-year-old girls.

The really hysterical thing is that TIMs do not want to date each other. They want p****. If trans women are really women, why don't they want to date each other?

I wish I could get on a lesbian dating site without running into a damn man.

It really angers me they are allowed to exclude penis on the ‘lesbian porn’ sites, or some of the kink fantasy sites but not dating sites for women.

[–] Shinyowl 12 points Edited

I know. TIMs don't want penis anymore than lesbians do, but they can invade our spaces.

I have been out of the closet since 1983, and I have never felt more victimized and disillusioned than I do right now.

It is like their preferences are the only ones that matter.

I have been out of the closet since 1983, and I have never felt more victimized and disillusioned than I do right now.

This was heartbreaking to read. ♥️

I cannot imagine how angry I would feel watching things go backwards, especially since it’s at the hands of ‘our side’

If it was just the stereotypical homophobes it wouldn’t matter. You’ve dealt w them forever and have your own place to go

Now it’s ’coming from inside your house’

[–] mathlover 17 points Edited

The men larping as "lesbians" would try to invade and infest any lesbian dating app.There would have to be a lesbian dating app where the questions to register - and you couldn't be on the app unless you answered them - would include:

Are you trans? yes or no

Do you want to see the profiles of transwomen?

Do you want transwomen to be able to see your profile?

The answers to those questions wouldn't need to be seen on anyone's profile. They would just make sure these men would never be able to approach lesbians. Like matchmaking. These men wouldn't be able to pester and harass lesbians.

Obviously the men would lie about being trans to get access to lesbians, none of whom will ever want them. So when a lesbian discovered a man who lied, the app would have to give a way to immediately report any man who lies about being trans. And then permanently ban the man.

[–] Shinyowl 22 points Edited

Oh my gosh, I had to take myself off Pink Cupid because it was like the cantina in Star Wars. I honestly think I was the only natal woman on the whole site.

I can't believe I lasted 2 weeks.

Please tell me that lesbians have secret underground dating apps, i feel so sorry for y'all.

No, we don't, and it sucks. If somebody does know one, please private message me.

Bumble is the least taken-over I found

But even with bumble, men come into my feed. They want to see women, so I have no control over who comes into my feed. When I complained about it, I was told I was being unkind.

There's the app giggle which is women only but it's not super big and I'm straight so i don't know how good their dating platform is. But might be worth a try?

[–] Shinyowl 10 points Edited

Here is the other disturbing thing I experienced during my brief experience on the lesbian dating app, PinkCupid. I'm sure a bunch of you will be able to relate.

I was often approached by women, and then asked to participate in a threesome with their husbands.

I don't know why I was polite with them, but I was. Just told them that I'm a lesbian.

I'm older now so that doesn't happen to me anymore. But when it did happen, the gloves came off and I made sure they were sorry they asked, if they knew, or failed to ask if, I was a lesbian. Needless to say, I was not polite.

Also just report them for inappropriate messages

[–] Shinyowl 0 points Edited

Based on my online dating experiences, I don't think those messages would be considered inappropriate by staff.

If a lesbian can't even report a man trying to pick her up on a lesbian dating app, I don't think a straight woman and her husband are going to be considered out of line.

I really wish things were different, but this is the way things are nowadays.

[–] Shinyowl 6 points Edited

I'm 60, but nobody would guess it.

I'm think I'm going to stay off of dating sites, but if anybody asks me that again, I'm going to follow your example.

TIMs are always like this, but this is in specific reference to this thread: "Males (highlighted in pink) of r/actuallesbians upset that the lesbian dating app HER is flooded with other men"

[–] Shinyowl 7 points Edited

That actually makes me really happy. I love that transbians are upset about the amount of men on lesbian dating apps.

[–] IrishTheFrenchie say_wut? 14 points

Funny thing is, I thought of this exact cartoon when reading that post! LOLOL

I know there has to be a real lesbian who can create a dating app and stop this nonsense.

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