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People also confuse “tolerance” and “support”.

I can, and should, tolerate your religious beliefs, personal choices, opinions, lifestyle, etc. so long as they cause harm to no one else.

But that doesn’t mean I’m under any obligation to support them. I’m under no obligation to agree with you, think whatever you think, do, say, or feel is great and righteous and wonderful, or that I’m committing a sin of the highest order if I disagree with you, think you’re wrong or - God forbid - outright think that whatever it is you hold dear is just terrible and awful.

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Damn, that's accurate. "Treat me like an authority on femininity or else I will punch you, terf."

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If women won't use my proper pronouns, they deserve death/rape threats.

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I feel this like a deja vu bc I usually see them saying "I'm not a misogynist but..." and then they say EXACTLY those words.