This poor woman... “toxicity” of her sexuality? Needing therapy? The gender fandom has people tightly wound these days, and I’m so angry about it. Women like this think ill of themselves for how long and do so much damage to their psyche, while men are putting on their sister’s underwear to jack off and whine that they are somehow more oppressed than everyone else.

Women are writing essays like these while if those TRAs try to shame men they'll just get their teeth punched in. How can anyone see this and not realize feminism is needed now more than ever. People are back to shaming women for their sexuality just like in all of history, but this time it's different because the ejaculator has a skirt on.

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This is so sad. Tbh as a zoomer and with the climate rn I can relate a bit, like there's so much homophobia that's being widely accepted and seen as woke it sometimes makes me wish I wasn't a lesbian so I don't have to deal with this shit. But obviously unlike her I don't feel apologetic about not wanting girldick lol, I just think the current situation sucks. Hopefully she realizes how toxic trans ideology is and stops caring what TRA assholes think. And for the sake of lesbians in general hopefully the public wakes up to how backwards this ideology is.

I sent her a message when this was first posted on Reddit. Never heard back. If it's genuine, I hope she's okay.

"The toxicity of her sexuality"? My god, you'd think she was a pedophile.

The TRAs should be jailed for promoting their spew.

This makes me so sad. I came out in a time when lesbians had to fight family, friends, employment and heterosexual men.

Regardless of having to plow through all of that baggage, there was a warm, welcoming and large lesbian community on the other side. There was validation, support and acceptance for our sexual orientation.

What do young lesbians have today? They don’t even know that their homosexuality is a sexual orientation! Everywhere that they read, look and hear, they are told that they are supposed to do conversion therapy on themselves.

This is so damaging to the soul. We truly need another lesbian liberation movement to fight again the TRA ideology.

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