Personally I'd consider it more of misleading label than a slur.

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I think it is definitely a slur. Humans can be divided into male and female sexes and that is it. By saying there are cis women and trans women they are saying there are sub-categories of females which equate to female women and male women. Breaking down female in this way is dehumanising and biologically wrong. We don't do it to any other animal on earth so when it is done to women it is a slur, whether the speaker intends it as such or not.

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I am not 'cis,' though I get that many think it just means not-trans. But actually looking into the concept reveals that it also requires someone to possess an abstract gender identity which just happens to coincide with the sex of one's body. I don't have such an identity. I am a woman because I have a female body. So no, I am not 'cis.'

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You're right, of course. For many trans / gender self-ID activists, "Cis," in addition to meaning not-trans and not gender-identity asserting, means that you are the privileged demographic in the hierachy of the NEW BINARY: the binary of those who feel comfortable in / have made peace with their sexual material body and those who have not AND who assert a special , self-discerened gender identiy.

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It upsets me a lot more than traditional insults like “bitch,” that at least acknowledge your womanhood. “Cis” with its implication that there can be such a thing as an XY woman, totally invalidates the special, elemental essence of our being. It declares that not only are women not good enough, but that men can perform us better.