Women hate masculine women so much that they even invent female masculinity where it doesn't exist just to hate on it. Never once have I seen any version of a remotely masculine woman in the media without a million women instantly remaking her design while hating on the ugly unfuckable manly dykes, but somehow still managing to say "haha its great to be masc as a uterus haver!!! But us feminine girlies deserve representation too! You don't have to be all hairy and monstrous to be strong! Like eww what are you, a gorilla? Baby girls, rock that lipstick and those heels!!! You can still be a strong woman AND be submissive!! Not like there's anything wrong with being masculine haha!! It's just terribly disgusting and unhygienic and misogynistic ❤️ If you're a butch that means you hate all women 😘 you'd be such a better role model if you looked fuckable 💕💕💕 #empowerment #ladiessupportingladies #goals"

YES it’s bizzare how people will act like butch women are somehow overrepresented when in reality it’s the opposite.

“You don’t have to be masculine don’t worry!” Literally, who is saying that???? Who is telling you that????

Damn this one cuts deep. I wouldn't call my look either masc or femme, and when I see a female character getting dragged for "looking like a man" just because she isn't hypersexualized, it makes me feel like shit too. We dare to exist outside of the male gaze and suddenly we're treated as less than other women.

Yes, the amount of hatred GNC women receive, sometimes even in gender-critical spaces, is insane.

Yeah, it always throws me for a loop when they talk about feminine women representation, as if that does not exist everywhere.

It'd be cool to have more diversity in character designs, without that kind of garbage response ha.

I too want to live in that world where women are constantly being represented by muscular butches with wives and leg hair.

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The original Rosie still has her hair and makeup done, and they're still calling her masculine.

This is what porn culture does to women. No wonder little girls want to opt out of womanhood or think or themselves as boys. The message is if you don't look like a bimbo, you're basically a man.

Apparently, there are three genders. AGP, nonbinary, and slut.

Can you imagine being a young girl today? AGPs fetishists who want to fondle their moobs all day 🤮 "are women". So are hypersexualized bimbos. No representation of normal women. Then they get shown porn by their coomer male classmates, where women have their tits and lips inflated like ballons, have their labia cut off and take three cocks in the ass while another one ejaculates in her face.


I have seen many different versions of the Rosie poster that I liked. I saw someone make a black Rosie and also a Rosie in a healthcare worker uniform. Those are cool. But literally nobody needs a "sexy" or "more feminine" version. Rosie is feminine. These people seem to forget that practical work clothes and a hairband don't make someone "masculine".

WTF. Why do we need to ‘reclaim’ Rosie the Riveter?

They had the boob shot, hair down, sexy ladies ‘represented’ in WW2

They were called ‘pin up’ girls, aka wank material, aka ‘proving I’m not gay’ posters, aka women objectified as G-d intended

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Same shit when handmaidens moan about lack of sexy and femenine strong female characters. And my butch ass is wondering fucking who appart from Sarah Connors or Ripley, who are still femenine are they reffering to. If something we should be able to see real unfemenine women more represented.

Ripley was my role model as a kid. ❤️

Honestly though, we haven’t had even a slightly masculine female main character in years. I can’t think of any.

And the boob shot isn’t even well drawn

I’m not an art student but it seems off center or something. Like they just wanted it in there

You're right. Anatomically speaking, it does look off. Where's her right breast?

That’s what it is!!!

I could not figure out what was bugging me

Plot twist, she's an amazon with one amputated breast so she can shoot better*, and the getup is just to lure scrotes to their deaths!

*Yes, I know Amazons didn't really do this, I'm just being silly.

She's meant to inspire and empower women, not arouse men, cope and seethe.

And it's worth pointing out that the Rosie the riveter poster was one of many posters placed inside factories to basically encourage women to work harder. They were already made with the understanding that the situation was temporary and the women were to give up their duties as soon as the war was over.

Apparently some can't stand ever seeing even a feminine, pretty, made-up, hair-styled woman if she's not posing in a sexually submissive way at any given moment.

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