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So, according to the woquetivist, unless you're literally shitting yourself your sex life is boring...

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I really don't know how the fuck people get to that point. How do you go from being a normal person with a normal sex drive to being unable to get aroused without shitting in a diaper?

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But that's what I mean. Even with porn, how does it seem there is never a point where someone reflects and admits "ok maybe I have a problem" or asks themselves "why didn't I like this 5 years ago?"

How do they never just stop and THINK about it? Is their brain just gradually fried from porn? Or is it the sex positivity movement turning it into a cancelable offense to kink shame anything to do with porn? Is it the bro culture pressure to gradually look at more and more disturbing porn? Maybe all of the above?

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If shitting in a diaper is the extant of your creativity, maybe you have bad ideas, Jim.

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Idiot just walked right into that one!🤣👏🏽

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Guys, guys, guys... the bit you use to shit with is on the other end of your crotch from the bit you use for sexual pleasure. Quit getting it twisted. God, it's no wonder they can't manage any competence in the bedroom.

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I just can't believe we got to this point as a society. Wtf is wrong with people? And why do I feel like the prude for questioning it?

I wouldn't feel like a prude for questioning men who get off on shitting. I just feel hygienic.

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Because to be a “cool girl~™” you have to find misogyny amusing, be into porn and like the oddest fetishes to prove you’re not like the other girls, you’re a cool girl~™