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Yeah. Because you are an out of shape lump, no other men have a physical advantage.

Actually, I’m not sure why they even have women’s sports. Why would they need to carve out a separate category since bio sex isn’t real?

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Two sports leagues:

  1. Strongest of the men.

  2. The rest.

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Let’s see if they let us stop calling it the women’s division.

We can take all evidence of ‘woman’ off of menstrual products, pregnancy, and cervical cancer screening.

If we dare retract the affirming title of ‘woman’s division’ off if the (purportedly) ‘testosterone suppressed division’ and it will be mass testeria.

Honestly think about it for a minute

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Katie Charm is so reprehensible that other TIMs can't stand him.

[–] [Deleted] 16 points (+16|-0)

Really? This is quite an accomplishment. What did he do?

[–] crispycherrypie 16 points (+16|-0)

He's a drug-using serial couch surfer whose room looks like something out of Hoarders according to his own ex-roommates. He also went from a millionaire to having no money because he spent all of his fortune on living out a 20-something party girl fetish as a 50-something man. There's a thread on him on kiwifarms, but I always feel a little weird directly linking to them since they're not feminist allies at all.

He's also very active on reddit, and sent gendercynicalcritical harassing modmail from time to time, which was more than a little surreal.

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Kiwi Farms has found enough material to make an eighty-one page thread. I haven’t read any of the thread beyond a few posts, but it certainly doesn’t bode well.

[–] SheTastesPurple 15 points (+15|-0) Edited

it is almost like they are not looking for an actual talent or something

The opposite, they are searching for actual talent and not for the cheaters on drugs.

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They just don't want a creep around girls/women, "Katie", get over yourself and stop being dishonest as if you don't know what women are talking about when they reclaim sports to be separated by sex. The world doesn't revolve around your girld*ck.

Typical narcissism. I am so great, sports recruiters should be aggressively seeking me out while I sit here do absolutely nothing to earn their attention other than be inherently superior to others.

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No teams have recruited you because they don’t want their female players getting hurt, Timmer!

🙄 😒

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Of course the guys who colonized trollxx would like this man.