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Do they really say 'terfs' hate people who don't conform? x'D

I mean, there is literally 'radical feminism' in 'terf'. Don't they know what that is? lmao! I mean, obviously not I suppose. Just sling it around like a slur.

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I’m not convinced that any of them actually think critically about what the acronym “TERF” means; they sort of get the “trans-exclusionary” but not the “radical feminist.” The evidence for this lies in the fact that they use it to describe anyone that they perceive as being anti-trans, regardless of politics.

Many of them are also under the misconception that being gender critical means that we believe in enforcing the respective gender roles on men and women. I have no idea how that got started. Is it deliberate ignorance or what?

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Yes, they think that TERFs are just hating gender non-conforming people - I saw this argument so many times. While in reality the opposite is true.

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The “skirt goes spinny” meme always gives me flashbacks to when Tekashi 6ix9ine was everywhere. Skirt spinny, uh, clitty got the stiffy, uh...