Hmm. well, if the NYTimes is going to endorse the idea of separating intellectual property from its creator, then maybe it's time to make a free mirror site containing all the NYTimes articles (with no remuneration to the NYTimes).

hey it was their idea first

[–] hypatia tired of it all 29 points Edited


Maybe these types of people will finally stop trying to explain literally everything in terms of Harry Potter.

Btw, is there an online archive of annoying woke people crying about their Harry Potter tattoos after JK did her heckin transphobia? Because I would looooove to scroll it.

i met a TIF in my 2nd semester who had the deathly hallows symbol on her forearm. i think she had that done for her 18th birthday? fast forward to when she was 19 or 20, identified as nonbinary and pretended to be a jewish soft gay transboi uwu who called herself ezra. she made a big show of getting that awfully transphobiqué tattoo removed and everyone in her twitter echo chamber congratulated her for getting rid of that awful, awful tattoo. obviously she is also the kind who constantly posts topless selfies because for some reason TIFs are obsessed with top surgery scar exhibitionism.

Did she convert to Judaism by any chance? I've known a few NB/trans people - white British people - who converted to Judaism. And with no disrespect to the religion, I thought that those people in particular were trying to opt into oppression and deny that they had white priviledge.

I know a TIM who pretends to be Jewish. He comes from an upper middle class background and went to a private Christian school. He's just read a lot about Judaism and goes on about it a lot, without ever bothering to try converting. I didn't think about it before, but I think he's trying to claim oppression, just like he is with being trans.

If she did convert to Judaism, would she even be allowed to have tattoos? I faintly recall that some religions are very anti that sort of thing. But I doubt that's the reason she had it removed.

And yeah, probably trying to deny privilege. I must say, while one can legitimately convert to Judaism, I do find it distasteful when transidentified people do it. Reminds me of TIMs who want to invade womanhood and pretend they're more oppressed than real women. Jews were not persecuted by the nazis for their religion, but for the reality of their genetic heritage. With TIPs who convert, I feel that they're pretending they only want the religion (just like TIMs pretended to only want the gender role of "woman") when actually they'll demand to be treated as part of the Jewish "race" before long, just like TIMs demand to be treated as part of the female sex class.

This TIF probably wants the prestige of being "the most oppressed" but without the de facto experience of being oppressed as woman under patriarchy. I mean, I can't fault her for not wanting to be treated as rapeslave of males, but she could at least be honest about, you know, not being Jewish.

I don't know, being German and having learnt about the horrors of the holocaust in all its gruesome details, it just rubs me the wrong way that some TIF wants to slap this onto her "identity" as a kind of fashionable tragic backstory. And that's what it feels like to me.

i don't think so. like many TIFs, she's very anti religion (and anti parents and anti authority...) but also obsessed with the idea of "non threatening jewish maleness." that, and oppression points.

That's disgusting.

I'm not religious at all, but if I was... the only mainstream one that actually makes sense is Judaism, IMO.

I was previously engaged to a Jewish man and explored converting, but we broke it off before that happened. I agree with it's values and lessons the most (and the food, oommggg the food was so good). Again, not religious nor do I agree with it 100%, but if forced to choose I would probably choose that one.

These kids remind me of that episode of Orange is the New Black where all the women pretended to be Jewish to get better food. Except instead of food it's more oppression points.

[–] IrishTheFrenchie say_wut? 13 points

Btw, is there an online archive of annoying woke people crying about their Harry Potter tattoos after JK did her heckin transphobia? Because I would looooove to scroll it.

That would be AMAZING! 🤣🤣

Probably just need to scroll through some tumblr tags, no doubt would be a goldmine. ;p

[–] hontrapoints 🤮 3 points Edited

I'm sorry for the buzzfeed link, but I chuckled at it.

"In the fandom for a while now, there’s been talk about how Harry Potter doesn’t belong to her anymore, it belongs to us, and how the good and beautiful things that came out of the Harry Potter didn’t come out of the books themselves but of the community," they said.

See, there is where I STOP thinking they're good but misled people. They're not good people. They're bad. They have a colonial mindset; a thieving, colonial mindset. Harry Potter will always belong to JKR because she created the whole damn thing. Not one of them has the literary genius she does. The good that came out of her books was her extraordinary storytelling. There would be no way for all the movies, the merchandise, or the fandom to exist without JKR's brilliance. That's why the movie producers stuck as close to the books as they could- they knew that they didn't have the genius to override JKR's vision.

I've never been part of the fandom, but I loved the books. It's a beautiful series without the Potterhead slashfiction writing creeps. If anything, they've polluted what makes Harry Potter great. But the books are so wonderful they can't be tainted.

JKR's only failure is that her books didn't inspire these losers to become better people. Bummer.

[–] hypatia tired of it all 7 points

Yes, to absolutely everything you've written here! You've said it perfectly.

[–] hypatia tired of it all 7 points

LOL !!! I love how the very first person is a TIF who got the DEATH EATER SYMBOL! You just KNOW she spends her time calling people Nazis online, too. The irony is hilarious.

"In the fandom for a while now, there’s been talk about how Harry Potter doesn’t belong to her anymore, it belongs to us, and how the good and beautiful things that came out of the Harry Potter didn’t come out of the books themselves but of the community," they said.

They have contributed to that community themself in writing fanfiction and attending conventions.

The delusion is hilarious. They've been mad for years that they couldn't erase JK, because they're jealous that they can't come up with anything like it themselves.

JK has been more understanding towards fanworks and fan communities than I think many authors would be, given her situation. I remember it being a thing in fandom communities when Anne McCaffrey asked people to not write fanfic. JK easily could have pushed back on people, especially those who were making erotic art and fanfic out of the characters she created for childrens' novels.

funny how the wokies choose to get death eater tattoos, even though death eaters are litchoorallee the nazis of the hp universe. i guess they can excuse fantasy racism, but they draw the line at being told that men are not women.

YES! The creeps who "identify" as "Slytherins." The Slytherin House produced people who were most likely to be the wizarding world's white supremacists. The Death Eaters were literally supposed to represent Nazis.

But Wokies, especially Genderistas, all identify with the Death Eaters. "They're just misunderstood also Lucius and Bellatrix are sexy."

Was the "Finn" tattoo drawn on with sharpie? Probably best to get that removed or covered up anyways.

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 5 points

They're exactly like MGTOW.

Instead of leaving like a normal, well-adjusted adult, they're standing outside Rowling's house with a bullhorn screaming how she'll regret losing wonderful manchildren like themselves when they totally leave for real this time.

The crazy ex-boyfriends she didnt know existed.

These people are spineless cowards. Stand by your convictions and don't engage with the Potter universe.

⚠️ Attention TRAs: ⚠️

Stop reading fanfics, stop drawing fanart, get rid of your books, etc if you believe she's actually killing trans people.

Stop being such a fucking spineless, convictionless, hypocritical coward.

HP is covered in terf cooties, #straightfax. And you can't imagine them away. ^-^

I can't remember where i heard this, but, real Lesbians on dating apps have taken to including "Harry Potter fan" in their profiles as an unmistakable code for "no TW". ahah i luv it

Honestly, that is what I look for when viewing other lesbian's profiles. lol

lol! I love that JKR gave us symbol to identity by that almost everyone knows. And if need be, you can play innocent too, lol

I love this so much. There needs to be more actual crypto-TERF dog whistles.

[–] GrendelsMother 14 points Edited

We don't think about Rowling, no, no We don't think about Rowling!

Rowling walks in with a mischievous grin THUNDERRRRRRR

She told me that names didn't "die" The next day: not dead She told me TWAM and just like she said

She told me that the lass of my dreams would be just out of reach, Because she's literally a lesbian It's like I'm really a dude...

Hey cis, not a sound out of you!

7 book fame, TRAs on her back

[That's all I got, that song won't leave my head!]

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