I had the very great pleasure of unsubscribing this morning. When asked why (in a chat box), I mentioned the ad and said I didn't want to pay for them to join in the feminist bashing. The poor chat assistant tried to soothe me by expressing empathy with fans of Harry Potter (completely missing the point) and offering me a different subscription, but if you repeat "please cancel my subscription" three times their spell of placation fails and they have to do as you say.

My takeaway from this campaign is that NYT is targeting a very specific audience: young and left-leaning millennials, who care about race and gender; but not a word about wealth inequality, unions or workers rights. This is a garbage version of the left, which doesn't even dare attacking the true centres of power - a bunch of billionaires with too much influence.

They tell the world that JK Rolling is the enemy, when they should be attacking Jeff Bezos instead.

I don't want to be affiliated with the left anymore. They don't speak for us.

Woke is THE WAY the avoid any class based action actually. Want to get rid of some pesky immigrant workers but worker laws are too strong? Welp that pesky immigrant just misgendered our star flux demiboi wolfgender employexx whose pronouns are a deep houl, so they are FIRED!

Want to fight for worker rights that encompass ALL workers? But that includes icky Trump supporters, best just burn it to the ground and have a seminar on Inuit transwomen of color instead, which nicely divides workers by oppression points. And the worker rights go out the window!

[–] Sylvanas 13 points Edited

Spot on for mentioning Trump supporters and the vilification of hard-working people who didn’t feel that the woke party represents their interest. That’s how Trump came to be - more trans bullshit that speaks to a vocal 0.0001% of upper middle class 20-somethings than unions, minimum wage increases and income inequality.

I hate hearing so much about “trans healthcare” (= hormones and plastic surgery! Not actual healthcare!) or lack thereof, when the entire healthcare system in America is fucked and people sell their house when they get cancer.

Wokeness almost seems like a right wing conspiracy to to derail the left. Shameful.

It explains the phenomenon of people of color who either openly or quietly support Trump, too. For a lot of them, it's work that is the major source of anxiety in their lives. It's not that racism isn't. It certainly is. But labor laws are also a huge source of oppression, and the left doesn't address it as much. They offer lip service and some wealthy local areas raise the minimum wage.

But they do NOTHING to encourage unions, which make the difference in labor laws.

Trump promised (without delivering, of course) to bring back manufacturing jobs to the US. I could say why a working class person of any demographic would find that hugely appealing.

That that ever got hold in the USA is actually astonishing. Here these idiots get their mutilation state sponsored (one of the only instances where I'd prefer the American system ngl). But in the US you'd think most people don't even have the money, but of course then they go internet begging for their mutilation. Absolut insanity!

Oh! I wish so much, I could upvote this comment more, then once.

BTW rich, upper class liberals from good families and with prominent jobs are not leftist. They are right-winged, who hijacked the word "left" in the same way men have hijacked the word "woman". Don't believe me? Try, just for fun, say "Marx and Engels" in front of them. The tiny portion of them, who know these names will cringe ans say, they are outdated.

Yeah I noticed that. Those who are against strong unions and public services a funded by tax payments - are always somehow professional-managerial types, whose parents paid for their expensive education and never flipped burgers to survive. They believe the playing field is even because it worked for them.

America thinks it’s the greatest country in the world, but Finland solved homelessness whereas American cities are full of homeless people. Many of them with mental health conditions btw (which go untreated. No decent public healthcare). It’s absurd to me that the focus is a children's book author. Walk around Los Angeles and you see many much more pressing social issues.

A more common and realistic Lianna would imagine not having her job offshored to Mexico or China. Or that the debt collector for her hospital bill would stop calling.

Tbf Finland is a much smaller country with a much smaller population, but we could certainly do something about our homeless population. We're pouring resources into toxic synthetic hormones even though we're close to cracking addiction. We have so many promising treatments. Why isn't that front and center of every leftist's mind? Think of how many problems it would solve in one go if we could heal people from addiction?

But no, it's gender.

The union movement began in the US in 1794. As we know it, rather. Obviously similar movements have happened everywhere throughout history.

Americans should cherish that part of their history and incorporate into their culture, instead of viewing unions as the enemy.


Many of them with mental health conditions btw (which go untreated. No decent public healthcare)

To be fair, there ARE still state mental institutions even in California. If you're homeless, with truly NO assets, and forced to be in the institution you won't have to pay for treatment much like how prisoners don't pay for treatment.

The issue is that people cannot be FORCED against their will to accept treatment. Someone can't be institutionalized long-term unless a judge says they are a danger to themselves or others (and what we would consider a "danger" is a lot more liberal than what a judge thinks). Even in the institution they have the right to refuse medications unless they have yet another order for "treatment over objection."

Most homeless people prefer to live on the street than get their mental issues treated (so that they can live appropriately in their own apartment without destroying it) or be forced to abstain from using illegal drugs in a homeless shelter or assisted living facility for the mentally ill. If they wanted to get off the street there's plenty of help for them.

The issue is that the homeless want to do things THEIR way which isn't how it works when you are receiving something for free. Some homeless will never accept living in a place that has rules- so there will always be homeless people. Sorry, but taxpayers aren't going to support giving homeless junkies free apartments they can strip of all precious metals to pay for their habit while hardworking people are living with 2+ roommates and accepting the fact that they'll never be able to buy their own home.

[–] Melkora 3 points Edited

Recently, I attended a public traveller's public talk and there was a slide-show from a guy who had visited the USA, but unlike the common tourists, he focused his attention on deeper cognition of America outside of the usual tourist traps, not shunning also the ugly side of this country and shared with us even the pictures of the homeless slums. And I was astonished by the amount of Americans camping and living on the streets, as if it was something totally normal, not even worthy of attention.

But sure! The big social justice issue of our times is trans rights (I see you uncle Joe) namely the right of TIMs to flash their d*cks in the female rooms and the worst enemy is a British children's book author, who said, sex is real.

Marx and Engels were both sons of wealthy, "good families." And I'll say it's outdated because of the atrocities millions have suffered from the Marx and Engels colonial belief system.

Yes. Colonial.

Why would two white guys from rich families see the world any other way?

I believe unions are the best way forward and we need some amount of socialism. But after seeing the relentless brutalization of minority and indigenous groups, cultural genocide, engineered famine, abuse of disabled people, and controlling women's reproductive abilities, committed one communist nation after another, I'm done with those pampered princes. Pair of spoiled boys from rich families. Ugh.

I've heard every "that didn't really happen/wasn't real communism then/whataboutism" in the book.

Don’t they realise that the people they’re pandering to don’t subscribe to newspapers? Only dinosaurs who like to hoard their rights tend to have old fashioned ideas like thinking if you want good journalism then you need to pay for it!

That's why they're pandering to them. These old newspapers are on death's doorstep and they're trying all different ways to stay relevant to the younger generations.

I would totally unsubscribe now if I didn’t already unsubscribe two years ago.

They made me call to unsubscribe, wow. They don't let you do this online by pressing a 'cancel' button, only the call centre can. And of course, the call centre isn't manned by American employees - it goes to Manila, where the minimum wage is 537 pesos per day - $10.46 in USD, or $1.30 per hour. Because that's when the wokeness ends, when they have to care about workers rights and pay a living wage domestically.

It's best to just exploit desperate people overseas and pretend to be progressive by saying women have penises.

[–] yesisaiditxx 15 points Edited

Yeah I started noticing they picked up on woke “feminist” language sooner than most and it made me eye roll but continue on, but then it was the antisemitic cartoon of Bibi for me. Reception was like BUT IT’S ISRAEL!!!! They deserve it!!! Depicting a Jew as an angry-looking animal with a humungous nose is not an antisemitic trope! It’s just commenting on how he’s leading Trump!! So I was like, goodbye. I know the apologized, but something like that doesn’t even make it past your editor unless you’re deeply fucked up. Then they continued to look stupid time and time again since.

Now THIS about JKR? The incredible audacity. I don’t expect anything of nuance or support for her, but WHY create that stupid ad? I can’t help but feel that if it were the product of a man the rhetoric would be having to part ways with it, having to wrestle with its torrid genesis, etc…but it’s a woman so we can just be like yeah thanks for this thing we love now go away bitch ew, no complex philosophy to debate here about what it means to love a work and hate the creator, just GOODBYE.

If you think the NEW YORK TIMES is antisemetic then you are so crazy right wing that you're not existing in the same world as everyone else.

"Bibi" is a liar, a warmonger, and soon to be a convicted criminal. That cartoon didn't go far enough.

The New York Times allowed antisemitic comments on the company-wide Slack channel all the time. It was part of the reason Bari Weiss left.

I’m not right wing in any fashion but I am Jewish and that’s definitely not the only time they’ve appeared to have a Jewish problem. I’m amazed that people here would say and then agree that that “cartoon didn’t go far enough”. That’s sickening. It’s not about him— someone I’ve never supported and watched unravel over the past handful of years happily— it’s about not allowing ANY Jew to be depicted in certain ways.

Defend antisemitism, ignore that the NYT has more than that in problems with the Jewish community, and then call me crazy and right wing. I know Israeli politics. I speak Hebrew. I’ve voted Democrat my whole life and campaigned for Bernie Sanders. I think you’re the one not existing in the same world. Good luck being an antisemite yourself.

[–] Sylvanas 5 points Edited

I'm Jewish (ex-Israeli even!) and yes, "Bibi" is a pathological liar and a con artist. He doesn't represent me, my culture or my family's heritage and history.

EDIT: Also, Bibi's son, Yair Netanyahu, was recorded trying to prostitute his girlfriend to cover his debt to a friend. The conversation was recorded on a ride home from a strip club. You can imagine what sort of education a guy like that receives at home. Disgusting family.

Same. I unsubscribed last year. I saw people tweeting that they wish they could resubscribe just to unsubscribe. I’m with them.

Someone whip up a version of the Mad Men elevator meme.

JK Rowling: I don't think about you at all.

Delete if sexist, but she really is beautiful.

Jo once talked about how her sister was known as “the pretty one” and she was “the smart one,” but I think both of the Rowlings are equally pretty and smart.

I have right this moment found out that Dianne Rowling is married to Roger Moore. Wow.

I used to be a subscriber but canceled my subscription when I discovered the GC world. I couldn't believe they weren't reporting on this. I felt betrayed!

I don't think she would, tbh.

She has too many ethics and morals and stuff. Would probably say something about the freedom of press.

But it may well become reality, so she doesn't have to imagine it. :P

....and if NYT doesn't cut out this bullshit, her wish will come true one day. 🤣

So basically as it exists right now.

I wonder what their sub numbers are like? hah.

I sure would love to know. I mean, they started this campaign because they need to boost their numbers, right?

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