I've interacted with a few TiMs online.

The tone shift between the false 'uwu I'm so smol and vulnerable pls no hate' / 'tee hee us girls are so silly' and the 'KNOW YOUR PLACE, STUPID WOMAN' is priceless. Shapeshifting creeps. It honestly creeps me out every time when I see them drop the mask.

Omg yes! We need to discuss the contrast between their "uwu give me headpats plz" states and their "PUNCH ALL TERFS" states. It's so scary.

It's quite simple: women are there to dispense kindness and sympathy, not to want any in return! Must be something to do with us not having souls or something, I wouldn't know because too much reading overheats my brain!

Seriously though, how many of us who live with men have the experience of hearing them complain every day about their minor health issues, but as soon as you mention you're not 100%, you're told you never stop talking about it?

that's the problem with entitled delusional narcissists. you give them an inch and they take every single one of your spaces. if women didn't have female socialization so deeply instilled in us, if we had ALL just stood up from the beginning and said "no that's nonsense you're not a woman and you never will be", i wonder how different things would be.

I actually do feel 'intense distress' whenever a man calls himself a woman, or when I'm obliged to call a male "she" and by his made up female name. But nobody cares about that.

nope. their rights are sacred and ours don't matter. that's what they're silently saying every time they support TIMs at the cost of women.

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And it's no different from dealing with every other man.

Women will be like "Women are raped and murdered by men at alarming rates and we'd like to address that because we miss our mothers sisters and friends and we don't want any more women to die."

Men's response: shut the fuck up stupid bitch! How dare you demonize men like this111!!! Men are actually the ones who get murdered the most so why don't you stop making it all about you and do something to help men for a change since nobody ever does!111;=#=1!!

Same with the women's spaces. We aren't allowed to feel uncomfortable with men in women's toilets, changing rooms, prisons and so on. But then they use the fact that they don't feel safe around men as an argument for why we need to let them into women's spaces. So is fear of male violence only valid when it comes from TIMs?

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Inspired by https://ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/66716/i-finally-had-my-peak-trans

Stock art from: https://stock.adobe.com/sg/images/happy-pride-day-flag-with-glamorous-drag-queen/432116718

There is no difference between a drag queen and a transwoman and neither drag or trans are sexual orientations

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Yeah. They really do commit murder to feel womanly.

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