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I’ve never been ‘tough’ in the way that traditionally white, straight, cis, neurotypical, posh,male-dominated industries require of people who aren’t all/any of those things.

The types of traumatic events that can cause complex PTSD include: -childhood abuse, neglect or abandonment - ongoing domestic violence or abuse - repeatedly witnessing violence or abuse - being forced or manipulated into prostitution (trading sex) - torture, kidnapping or slavery - being a prisoner of war

Not on that list? Getting bad book reviews. I don’t normally make jokes about mental illness, but people like Laurie Pennie self-diagnosing with PTSD or CPTSD because of a bad book review makes light of what real people with C/PTSD have suffered and continue to suffer.

The meanings of psychological terms have been lost because of all the dimwits appropriating them for their own bullshit. "Gaslighting" now means "anyone who disagrees with me". And "CPTSD" now means "a teenage barista called me ma'am when my pronouns are actually xy/xyr". And "autistic" now means "I'm weird and awkward and have decided I'm autistic". Its insulting to dilute the meaning of those words the way these people have

OCD means "I like patterns and having things neat and tidy" versus "I have disordered thinking and I cope with that by engaging in repetitive behaviour or rituals that soothe my anxiety temporarily."

Even ‘triggers’

They are supposed to be things that set you off. In therapy you work to identify them and try to decrease their power using various techniques

It’s not something you use to make the whole world change

Also the therapists are complicit in this. I saw one for a couple of sessions after some deaths in my family, and after hearing my family history she immediately slapped the PTSD label on me. Honestly, if I have PTSD, then so do 90% of the people I know.

Oh, the therapy industry is hopelessly captured. When they're not pushing genderwoo, they're trying to pin a diagnosis on everyone who walks in the door even if they're just depressed because their grandmother died

Is she identifying as ‘neurodivergent’ now too? On what basis? Because she was a teenage girl nerd?

I have PTSD and I wish I’d was a few days of panic attacks. It’s not Bindel or Rowling mocking people’s mental health but privileged wankers misappropriating victimhood doing that.

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I don't know who is more harmful - the people who downplay and dismiss trauma and blame you for struggling, or the people who say that everything is trauma and that getting negative feedback on your work gives you cptsd.

Both are awful. Experiencing the second after the first is a more insidious kind of terrible, because the relief of finally having someone validate that what you suffered was bad and that it wasn't your fault can distract you from noticing that it's harmful to never be expected to understand when something actually is your own responsibility to fix.

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Penny hasn't shut up about that tweet since it was made. Fixation isn't healthy Laurie. Then again, she's a raging narcissist so I don't know why I'm surprised.

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I felt like this had to be fake...because I liked it so much. It can't be JKR giving the burn to someone who's been asking for it forever. I put JKR's output up against Penny's output, writer to writer. There is no comparison.

Really, I can't believe JKR stepped in to clarify things!

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I think the stupidity of the last days from the Scottish politicians finally got to her and she's totally had it. And I'm so here for it.

For people who, like me, don't pay much attention to who/what a Laurie Penny is, you might find this evisceration screamingly funny.

"You cannot misgender someone if you don’t believe in the concept of gender"

Screamingly funny, but also true. In many ways:

"my body does all sorts of peculiar things I wish it wouldn’t. Blood leaks of out it, milk too, other people have been grown inside it. I have been raped because of it. I am paid less because of it. I am prone to certain illnesses because of it, and I understand had I been born in a different place all sexual pleasure would have been denied to me because of it."

Thanks for posting

Misgendering doesn't exist. They are all being correctly sexed.

Oh boo hoo. I was born into trauma (as were many women) and can take a freaking joke.

I thought this was going to be about Laurie Penny getting her comeuppance.

She's so dense I often wonder who reminds her to breathe.

She's so dense I often wonder who reminds her to breathe.

She's rich. So she probably keeps a maid around to pump her lungs for her. 🤣

I dont get it :/

If I’m following, Laurie Penny (who is a Twitter TRA, and probably more that I’m not tracking) tweeted that she (he? They? Xey?) has complex PTSD from negative book reviews. This is a swipe at Penny.

Isn’t Laurie one of those she theys who gets mad at people who use she?

I honestly don't know, she/he/they/fae is not one of the people I hate-follow to stay informed, she seems too exhausting for that (and I'm someone who hate-follows Lavery. He's funnier, somehow, though infinitely vile.)

Thank you. I thoight someone was eating crackers

Julie Bindel's bugbear is people eating crisps near her on public transport. She frequently tweets about how she is being driven bonkers by being stuck on trains, plains and buses where she is forced to listen to fellow/sister passengers crunch and munch crisps (and crumple the bags the crisps come in). So in this latest tweet Bindel is poking fun both at Laurie Penny (who says she has PTSD from bad book reviews) and at herself. Well done, Julie!