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The "Front Hole" Museum

The "Female Identifying" Genitals Museum

Somehow I don't think trans women would tolerate The Menstruators Museum, The Uterus Bearers Museum or The Cervix Havers Museum.

So... on the International Women's Day, the Vagina museum decided to celebrate penises. When women complained, they silenced them forcefuly. What an old, worn out and totally predictable kind of misogyny!

"so we're just going to silence you instead"

Vagina Museum, being incredibly misogynistic :0 What a weird timeline we're in.

The Vagina Museum is all about the penis.

If only it were a joke.

Let me guess, this museum is going to have an exhibit featuring the types of trans "vaginas" that look like a tiny hairy butt on the front of a man's body. Will it be a 4D exhibit complete with a rotting flesh/fecal smell?

What a pathetic display of trying to appease an abuser. Yes, we all know you're always on the brink of being cancelled, vagina museum, so you have to talk about penis on womens day to apologise for your existence. Disfuckinggraceful.

In other news, the Vagina Museum has decided to formally change its name to the Mangina Museum in order to more accurately reflect its mission.


Would be more apt to have TIF vaginas instead since they do have slight psychical differences from the hormones.

There is a subset of TIFs who are VERY proud of their testosterone-enlarged clitorises, and in fact seem to be very much into the whole performance of transman-ness more than wanting to be actual men, but from investigating those spaces on Twitter, I can guarantee they'd be mad as hell to have them still be considered vaginas. It's a no win situation, though why the Vagina Museum would go straight to the one population that absolutely doesn't have and will never have vaginas, it boggles the mind frankly.

Why couldn't they talk about the history of TIFs? TIFs actually do have vulvas.

This was so ridiculous I had to see it for myself on Twitter. And they actually did that. Just....wow.

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