I felt so left out of the Harry Potter craze, as it just wasn't for me. Little did I know this woman would come to mean so very much to me one day.

I thank her for being one of the only people standing up for women and girls. I thank her for showing up the billionaire boys' club- instead of building a dick to go to space, she uses her money to make this world a better place.

there are female engineers who work on those rockets and dream of space but okay.

I applaud those sisters, for whom the chance to go to space would be for science, not their egos alone. I was referring to the billionaires like Elon Musk and Richard Branson spending outrageous sums of money to orbit the earth in rockets that were more phallic than previous ships.

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Last night I was reading Chamber of Secrets (yes, I've been rereading the books) and got to the part where Ron freaks out about entering the girls' toilet to talk to Moaning Myrtle.

Ron only went in when Hermione convinced him no one was in there....This is how you know a woman wrote him because in real life, Ron would have just barged in.

Now twenty odd years later, Rowling is on Twitter defending our right to privacy in public restrooms.

All my life I was ashamed of being nerdy and liking Harry Potter because kids teased me at school. Now I've never been so proud to be a fan.

Rowling also wrote that bit where Hogwarts automatically turns the stairs of girls' dormitories into a slippery slide when boys try to climb up (but not vice versa)!

Yep. Gryffindor girls’ dormitory staircase is a confirmed terf. <3 lol

Ron is a pretty typically male in other aspects, moreso than Harry, but this is where he, or rather, his author, draws the line.

(But is it really this unrealistic? Molly could have taught him proper manners. She's pretty strict, I think, and might have punished her sons for just barging into women's spaces in the past.)

Remember the Quidditch World cup? It was a given that Hermione would share a room (or even whole tent, my memory is a bit fuzzy) with Ginny, and it wasn't even discussed if or why.

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I to this day regret donating my ORIGINAL copies of the very first editions of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Quidditch Through the Ages (the originals!! The little thin bright green and bright red books whose proceeds went to charity and had those lovely "handwritten" notes from the trio in them.)

I also had a bunch of those moving lenticular cards from the very first time they released Chocolate Frog collectables - the nice rectangular ones that had the original illustrations in the style of the first book covers. Lost them.

I mourn my loss every fucking day but even more so after I became GC sobbbb

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nah, a lot of men don't want to go to the women toilet. Theres some assholes who would but a lot of them wouldn't.

😂😂 i loveee seeing her get bolder with these clowns. it feels like it first she was trying to be as polite and respectful as possible so that they wouldn't twist her words, but since no matter how she acts they're going to threaten and demonize her, it seems that she truly is letting go of her final fucks lol.

Love it when a woman has "fuck you" money and uses it. It's entertaining to watch them meltdown because she can't be cancelled.

I feel like the TRAs are now desperately grasping at straws for ways to "cancel" J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter franchise. As in, "the character Cho Chang is a racist stereotype of East Asians because of the way her name sounds."

In the Chinese translation of Harry Potter, Cho's name is Zhang Qiu (张秋), which is a perfectly normal, realistic name for a Chinese person.

Plus not trying to be disrespectful or “basic” or whatever but the books are mostly read by children. You could say “Julie Chang” or something to be more “normal” and just flat out write that she’s Chinese but a lot of U.S and British kids wouldn’t have necessarily picked up on that. It sounds ignorant but it’s true. Cho Chang is obviously Asian to a kid, and still something they can SAY. If she’d chosen a white name for the Asian character people would have said she was favoring white-washing Asians. If she’d chosen an authentic Asian name almost no one reading in the 90’s would have a clue what they just saw and you’d mentally note that character as weird. No good author names a character something the vast majority of people can’t say unless the character being singled out as strange is intentional.

I think the amount of people willing to cancel her is plateauing. All that's left are the people who support her and those who are out of the loop and/or don't give a shit about gender. Some people have probably forgotten why they hated her to begin with.