Hmm. "Women be quiet and start apologising challenge". They used to at least try to disguise their rank misogyny as cute cluelessness. I guess the gloves are off now?

[–] JoanOfBark 36 points Edited

Seeing liberal feminists try to justify what he said is just hilarious. They go for the throat of any woman who dares to even utter a concern about male supremacy but here you have Vaush, an obese pedophile neckbeard who has built a career on making sexist comments and they're there defending him.

One woman responded to him saying "Can't decide who I despise more, Putin or Rowling." When she got called out, she just said "terf bigots get blocked" 100s of likes, all from men who look like Vaush. Men who think women hit the wall at 21 and should be quiet. She was an overweight, middle-aged woman with blue hair and here she is tap-dancing for men who openly mock women like her. "Feminist" proudly displayed in her bio while she's cheering on a pedophile telling a woman to shut up.

Men are our worst enemy, but I don't know what to do with women like that. I don't know how we make progress when so many are that desperate for male approval. Sometimes I genuinely want to give up and be like "Okay, let's try this then. Let men like Vaush rule the world. Women over 22 and 140 pounds are no longer allowed to leave the house. Age of consent lowered to whatever he wants it to be. Fuck, maybe abolish it all together. The best paying jobs can go to men and transwomen, that's half and half!" If we have to learn the hard way, then let's get it fucking going. This is getting old.

[–] tahmahrah 5 points Edited

The saddest part is these women do this, presumably, due to a need to be loved and validated by these men. Men who, after knowing this woman personally for years, wouldn't hesitate to rape her within an inch of her life if given the opportunity to do it without consequences.

So much self-effacing cowtowing, and for what?

If you exchanged women with TIMs in that statement you'd be banned faster than you can say "autogynephile"

they've realized that they will never be held accountable. you can say literally anything about women and it will be excused if it's in the name of transactivism. TRAs defend ppl sending rape and death threats to JKR, this is tame for them.

His followers and TRAs are excusing it as him being "sarcastic", and that he's saying that because he's a "feminist". 🙄

Wait, he actually said that? I thought that was other people paraphrasing him

I adore her drawing the comparison between TRA tactics and male violence and abuse of women. Gorgeous work!

King Neckbeard and his Incel audience probably see this as a massive win for the basement dwelling scrote. But its still fun to watch Rowling take him down a peg.

He can spew all the misogyny he wants. But she's still a beloved millionaire and he's still just stinking up his parents house while wanking to Contrapoints videos

It's funny..them seeing it as a compliment kind of admits that they know they are so far below her..one dork said " you've made it now, my man!"..

[–] Korok 👹 problem? 34 points

Vaush is a creepy fat (literal) neckbeard and I wouldn’t be surprised if allegations of grooming/sexual misconduct came out at any time (see Xanderhal aka scary Eminem). At LEAST his cats look healthy on his IG, so I’ll give him that, I guess…

Yeah I heard he had pedophilic tendencies.

He has, on camera, stated that cp should be legal. He’s absolutely a pedophile.

I saw discord screenshots of him talking about (and I quote) “fucking children”. Also rambling about how ancient Hawaiian cultures frequently had sex with children but there was no evidence of child abuse… he also rambled on about how age of consent needs to be lowered because it’s a result of capitalism (or something like that..?).

Now I don’t know about the validity of these screenshots but I saw them on radfem Tumblr. He allegedly made these statements back in 2018. Honestly though, I wouldn’t be surprised it they are true though. It was absolutely vile.

Hey, y'all. I'm not saying that there aren't liberal feminists on twitter that would defend him, but you've got to be really careful because some of those accounts agreeing with him are men pretending to be women to gain clout (as in - See! Even the women folk and feminists are on my side!) How ironic. Men falsely pretending to be women..🙄 They also do it to try to stir up trouble and make feminists look bad. I looked through his comments and there were a lot of bogus replies supposedly from women.. never underestimate the twisted lengths a man will go to make women look bad. I see way too many people falling for it..they( men) really are that desperate and pathetic.

This guy wants to talk about shutting up to be beloved? Then why does he think it's a good idea to promote his pro-pedo agenda? Notice I didn't mention his misogyny because nobody cares about that. But everybody should care about pedophiles trying to legalize child abuse.

YES!! The analogy to her abusive ex was on point. This is how these misogynists operate! And they hate Rowling because they can't shut her up!

If I had a Twitter account, I'd absolutely follow JKR just to see what moron of the day she's so eloquently dragging.

These clowns just make it too easy for her.

Damn, she's my hero. A few years back she was trying to be cautious, like she was trying not to upset upset "reasonable trans people", but now she's just done. She's probably had so much abuse that she's just disgusted with the lot of them. I had the same arch (on a much smaller scale obviously), realizing that there are no reasonable TIMs and that they'll harass you no matter how you tiptoe around their feelings. It's an abusive, one way relationship plain and simple, making yourself available to be a punching bag to them while apologizing helps no one.

[–] Ruby 19 points

Hell yeah, Joanne!


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