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Good for her! And good for anyone brave enough to keep speaking out.

But I truly can't take it anymore and I have to stay out of it for my mental health. I can't take seeing a new D-list celebrity get a moment of attention for telling her to fuck off. I can't handle another MRA pedophile like Vaush getting a positive write up in IndieWire for telling her she should have been a good girl and stayed silent. I can't take former lesbians, now open-minded non-binaries, like Teagan and Sara tweeting her "just a reminder, lesbians fucking hate you." I can't take the actress who played Matilda and hasn't had work outside of Twitter saying she's a danger to her transfriends. I can't take Imani Gandi, Bree Newsome and Roxanne Gay trying to say she's racist because apparently white men in dresses are black now. I just can't fucking take it anymore. I wish I could read anything without someone taking a swipe at her and radfems in general. I wish I could watch videos by Lindsey Ellis and Jenny Nicholson and not have them go on a rant about how vile women like her and me are. I wish I could listen to music knowing the artist didn't despise me.

I'm amazed she can. But I can't. I wish I was straight and could just ignore this whole thing. I wish the entire world didn't hate women, lesbians, and any single person who dares to stand up for us. I wish I didn't have to deal with this anymore. I want to go back to pretending men can be women, but I can't. I wish I could become a conservative and surround myself by people who know men aren't women, but I can't.

I wish it was 2015 and the LGBT community and progressive groups were places I felt comfortable being in. But they're not and they never will be again. I can't take it anymore.

This is so fucking personal for me as a lesbian. I'm grateful for Rowling. But every single other person I loved growing up, every single other artist I enjoy now, every goddamn online magazine I subscribe to, has pretty much declared war on me and it's too fucking much.

Jenny Nicholson too? D: I only watched the Vampire Diaries video though.

I quit Lindsey Ellis after that cringe video about the origins of transphobia. I couldn't get passed that initial "my TW youtuber friend is a whore for stealing my essay topic hahahahahahahahahha". 🤮

I get that it cuts deeper if you are a lesbian, there is a whole other dynamic between you and "transwomen" if you are a lesbian, but just so you know (and it don't know if this is helpful for you or not), I'm "straight" and I can't ignore this whole thing. Not by a long way. It is affecting my work, it's affecting my career, it's affecting the daughters of my friends, it is affecting my relationships. I can't speak freely with friends because either they don't agree and it's a touchpaper, or they do agree and we are scared of being overheard. It really is this bad and you're not alone.

If you are feeling like you can't take it anymore then give yourself a break, in more ways than one. Let other women carry the weight because our numbers are growing and our strength is growing.

Sometimes it helps me to take a break from social media, including Ovarit, and indeed ALL news/media for a couple of weeks. It can be really overwhelming having access to this stuff 24-7.

Finally, I totally get what you mean about modern culture being taken over. And I agree I don't know where JK Rowling gets the strength go keep going back onto Twitter, it's incredible.

I apologize. I 100% didn't mean to imply it doesn't matter to straight women. I know it does, especially those with daughters. I was talking more about no longer being comfortable in LGBT spaces with that particular statement. We don't seem to talk about anything but the TQ anymore.

Oh no, please don't apologise. I didn't take offence. I wanted you to know even if you're not a lesbian it is really really crappy right now.

But yes, it must be truly horrible having LGBT issues completely taken over by the TQ. You must feel as though you have no place left to go anymore, it must be absolutely horrific.

I have seen that happening where I work. The LGBT staff network, which used to do great work supporting gay, lesbian and bisexual staff, is now like a broken record just going on and on and on about pronouns and taking reference to women out of policies around sex-based rights, etc. etc. Lesbians (at least, those who aren't pro-trans, of which there seems to be an alarming number) must feel utterly abandoned.

I'm so sorry you are feeling like you can't take it anymore but I think it is completely understandable. 😞

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I feel this. Every media, every fandom, every IG artist, every twitter account, every reddit account or reddit post, all eyeball deep in KoolAid. (Reddit and twitter in particular are all going off on the usual Don't Say Gay LGBTQIA2S+ rights transphobic rollback, no one is doing this, no one is abusing minors spiel) I'm tired and angry and constantly feel like I'm going insane and the people I've talked about this to irl think I'm crazy and obsessed with an issue that's not a big deal. I wrote in to my two big local organizations on LGB rights and women's rights here thinking some actual activism would help, but I've been predictably ignored because I'm a transphobe. Meanwhile news is telling me men won't pretend to be something else to hurt women while a man literally just killed two women while trans-identified.

How the fuck can I activism when there's no one to fucking believe me and no one who will listen

Take a break from as much of this stuff as you can, regain your emotional strength, do things you enjoy. When you feel okay and ready, come back to it. Take what solace you can in knowing so many others feel the same way you do. I know it's hard. Know that we see you, and we care, and we're right here with you doing the same stuff.

"Teagan and Sara tweeting her "just a reminder, lesbians fucking hate you." "

Pretty typical of TRAs to imagine that they speak for everyone in whatever group they belong to.

Before I got banned from Twitter, sometimes a handmaiden on duty would come to tell me "please shut up, you don't speak for all women" and I'd be like I should shut up so you can speak and consent for all women to give up our rights and identity... ?

Wtf. How arrogant can you be.

I wish I could become a conservative and surround myself by people who know men aren't women, but I can't.

i'm not going to become a rightwing nut job anytime soon myself, but, the one bright spot out of this whole tranzrightz mess is that it's served as a piece of common ground—quite often THE (only!) point of full, substantive agreement—on which I've built quite a few personal connections with new friends from a couple different right-leaning demographics.

You really can never have too many friends, and, Female friendship has a certain way of transcending political differences in a way few other social forces can.

This whole week of the JK tweetfest I just haven't been able to shake this image from my head:

JK finishes up that latest book she's been writing a week earlier than expected. She flops down on the sofa with a glass of wine, puts her feet up, finds herself at a bit of a lose of what to do with herself, glances at her phone and thinks 'fuck it, let's do this terf thing properly'.

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i love this tweet bc it's 100% true and we can tell. when she first started openly posting GC tweets I remember how insane the backlash was. you could scroll the comments for hours before finding a single positive reply and the hate train would go on for days and days afterwards, usually with the hate tweets gaining more attention than her own tweets.

now tho .. there's tons and tons of positive comments, she's usually getting more likes than the bozos she responds to, and the support can clearly be seen as she emboldens more and more women to speak out.

my fav part tho? the TRAs have gone from Picking apart her every single tweet and dragging on the hate train for days, to attempting to stop people from talking about her whatsoever. I mean we've all seen the misogynists coming out of the woodwork to tell her to quite literally shut up (vaush, tinashe etc) but also the rest of the TRA's posts have this desperate strain of "stop talking about her, stop giving her attention, stop sharing her tweets". and I truly think it's because they're realizing very quickly how outnumbered they are, and how boosting her tweets only gets more people to agree with her. their only tactic is to silence their opponents who make more sense than them and as JK has stated many many times before, they're not gonna be able to silence her.

This made me think of that scene on GOT when Catelyn had (stupidly) taken Tyrion prisoner when he was innocent. They were going to gag him every time he said something to point out how dumb they were and he was like, "Why? Am I starting to make sense?"

Someone needs to make a meme of this. Let the TRAs be Lady Stark and GC women would be Tyrion.

I saw her latest tweet about the use of the word "babe" and I literally gasped. I dont know what happened, but whenever she is on twitter it feels like she lights my fire too.

People are so used to being able to treat women however they want, they can't imagine there's anything they can't do to us or intimidate us into doing. Trying to legally and socially erase our very existence is proving to be a step too far.

The word anger doesn’t even suffice for what I feel. White hot rage and fury is more appropriate. I’m so glad she is pointing the fact we are furious out.

I wonder if she is stuck at the airport or something and is having a little extra terf time.

LOL! Now I want to designate part of each week to terf time. Like, part of the daily routine.

Maybe a combo of marking Detransitioner's Day, which falls today, and the first few days of the Forstater tribunal?

you can take the formerly abused, single mom out of the fire, but you can’t take the fire out of the formerly abused single mom.

Does anyone else think JK might be considering a run for political office? I'm getting distinct 'future candidate' vibes from her recent tweets. She should run for something- she'd win.

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I actually wondered this myself. Especially with her most recent tweets.

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