Thank god for Rowling, seriously. I'd send her a box of chocolates but I'm sure she's very paranoid about deliveries atm :(

The treatment she's getting has been peaking people in my sphere left and right. Most people like JKR or are neutral on her at most. She's pretty famous for going from billionaire to millionaire from the sheer number of donations she's given. There's not really much about her that is controversial EXCEPT this one single thing. And the fact that she's being treated like a nazi for saying that females are females makes the whole transgender movement look absolutely nutty.

She's inspired so many people to speak up, I admire her so much. I wasn't really ever into Harry Potter as a child, more an Eragon girl (I know), but her bravery has made her the most inspirational woman to me. She taught me that even if it seems like the world is hell bent on silencing you, that you can make a difference by sharing your experience. I know that her wealth makes that easier than for an average woman, but that just shows she's willing to use her power for a cause she fully believes in, even if it means being harassed, threatened and mocked by people who don't care about women or actively hate them.

JKR, you'll always be woman of the year to me.

I hope she reads this website and our adoration for her. (I strongly suspect she was a reader, perhaps even anonymous participant/commenter, in the old r/GenderCritical and related subreddits before they were banned.)

I truly, truly hope she knows how much we love her and praise her bravery each day. I think her knowing that the LGB and radfem community supports her and has her back 100% is what inspires her to keep speaking out, despite the horrible threats she gets. Well, plus the fact that this issue is so very important.

Feminists (true feminists, not libfems) have gotten everything we’ve had by being loud and speaking out, even when threatened and people have tried to silence us.

She is such an amazing, beautiful radiant soul. So inspiring. I hope to have even one shred of the bravery she has.

I'm sure that she's a lurker (Hello Jo!). And I wouldn't be surprised if she posted under an alias as well.

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I'm chuckling associating Queen Jo with really off character comments like. "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD RIGHT NOW IS EVERYONE INSANE, JESUS CHRIST"