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I mentioned admiring her for her charity work on Reddit (I know...) a while back and got nothing but downvotes and a couple of comments telling me she's a transphobe/homophobe/supporting transphobic lobbies so any and all of her charity work is null and void! When I politely disagreed and asked for proof of any of the aforementioned claims and which "transphobic" lobbies in particular she was supporting, so that I could do my own research on the matter, I got absolutely no response.

TRAs are willfully ignorant and the only reason they get away with it is because most people are too scared of being branded a TERF to openly disagree with their nonsense. Hopefully, more people will start looking into what these pillocks are constantly having meltdowns over, and realise that it's a load of old shit.

I think it also stems from many performative progressives and TRAs just swallowing whatever the woke hivemind tells them instead of doing their own research and forming their own opinions. If someone like Contrapoints claimed that Rowling prances down the London streets at night casting avada kadabra on transgender sex workers, many of his TRA acolytes and handmaidens would blindly believe it and spread that obvious lie all over the internet