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I think their insanity is part of their armor here. The average reasonable person takes one look at it, thinks 'that can't be right,' and looks away. Their mainstream ideology looks like it HAS to be the absolute fringe of the fringe. People assume we have safeguards, gatekeepers, nothing that insane could ever get through. People assume there's no way a serious elected official would seek the consultation of an adult man who claims to literally be a 6 year old girl on matters of legislation.

The one I keep running up against when talking with people about this is they tend to stick to 'no one's saying sex isn't real.' And when it comes to, say, Maya Forstater, and how it's not just being said, acknowledging sex is real has been made a fireable offense, they just. can't. compute. They have faith that "our people" are sane.

The old "refuge in audacity" trope. Funny in fiction, not so fun in real life.

I don't think it's a coincidence that comedians specializing in absurdity have been particularly vocal in pointing out the ridiculousness of this movement.