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I mentioned admiring her for her charity work on Reddit (I know...) a while back and got nothing but downvotes and a couple of comments telling me she's a transphobe/homophobe/supporting transphobic lobbies so any and all of her charity work is null and void! When I politely disagreed and asked for proof of any of the aforementioned claims and which "transphobic" lobbies in particular she was supporting, so that I could do my own research on the matter, I got absolutely no response.

TRAs are willfully ignorant and the only reason they get away with it is because most people are too scared of being branded a TERF to openly disagree with their nonsense. Hopefully, more people will start looking into what these pillocks are constantly having meltdowns over, and realise that it's a load of old shit.

Yep. They never EVER reply when we ask for actual proof that Joanne is a bigot/“tRaNsPhoBe”/etc, especially for direct quotes!!! None of them bothered to read her essay or any of her words about the subject.

I know that a lot of people peaked over JKR when they looked into the issue. Good on them. But I agree, almost all TRAs are willfully ignorant.