"Dark path," "lead with love" - such melodramatic, religious language.

Yeah I lost two of my friends (a lesbian couple) when I was posting about women's prisons, and one of the statements was "we're sad to see you go down this path." Apparently not wanting women raped in prison is a bad path. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

How can they not see??

Let them try the dating world again.

Right now they are ‘taken’ and a couple. Wait until one is available.

Unless they aren’t attractive to men. Transbians don’t go for for personality. They are oddly like men in that way

I don't think they're that picky, every lesbian and bi woman I know who has been online dating in the last ~6 years has gotten sexually harassed and/or threatened by TIMs. I'm shocked this couple doesn't have any lesbian or bi friends telling them what's going on.

Heck, you don't even have to be dating to deal with TIMs in the lesbian world, just go to any "lesbian" online space, they're all full of men having meltdowns, banning women who talk about being attracted to females, talking about their dicks, posting pedo anime memes. They're in every lesbian bar creeping people out, they're demanding that the word lesbian be scrubbed from events like Dinah Shore and replaced with "queer". Gender ideology has thoroughly decimated the lesbian community, we're getting hammered by AGPs on one side and TIFs trying to recruit us on the other. Either these ladies are incredibly isolated, or they've invested so much into the cult that they can't psychologically handle admitting how wrong they were.

I love how they'll say these things as if we didn't feel the exact same as them.

They so often say these things "I'm disappointed in you", "I can't believe you would say such things, "do you realize how offensive you're being". They disappoint me, I can't believe they would say such things and I find them extremely offensive, but I never dare say it because it's emotional manipulation.

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What did you expect? You're making everyone U N S A F E, you evil heretic witch /s

But it’s totally not a cult.

I'm sure the Jonestown members were being told they were loved the whole time they were drinking that flavor-aid. Even as they were holding guns to their heads and telling the crying children to be quiet.

Oh that thing where you know an expert on exactly this topic but don't dare ask lest she figure out where the question stems from.

I don’t mind having one of the best, most popular writers of our time communicating for us.

LOL This Wheeler dude is now melting down and claiming Rowling "endangered his safety" by retweeting him! 🤣

Like, bro, if you don't want a reply, just leave her the fuck alone. Did you expect her to listen to Vaush and keep quiet? WTF?

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LOL! Playing the "women should stay silent" card from the victim angle, how original. If you are that intimidated by someone's logic, don't directly try to speak to them to begin with. He could have easily made whatever comment he wanted without directly sending his cult rhetoric to JKR herself.

I'm so tired of the way TRAs and woke types use the word "love". It's creepy and quasi-religious, and like religious leaders, certain activists use "love" to veil malice. It's smarmy and manipulative. Internet strangers don't love you. People who've never met you can't love you. They might feel compassion, concern, or loyalty; but those things aren't love.

And it's always a one-way street, they never show love and kindness to radfems or women in general.

"It's not too late for you to walk back from the dark path you've found yourself on."

Sounds eerily similar to the way religious freaks and conversion camps talk to homosexuals.

It's not too late gyns! Even though we accidentally stumbled upon the dark path of feminism, there's still salvation! The patriarchy is willing to forgive our mistake and take us back, as long as we apologize for identifying and opposing male violence and exploitation of women. We're just silly women, after all, there's no way we're feminists because we actually want rights. We just found ourselves here and decided to bully gendies with the alt right, for fun. The offer is too tempting to resist!

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She just used reason and logic to make all their peepees sad :(

It's almost like our entire society has a problem with women talking about our lived experiences or something.

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Because it's exclusionary, which apparently is wrong because your role as a woman is to let any man fuck you and be everyone's mom. Having boundaries is a crime against humanity.

Men hate female exclusivity because they are taught their experiences are the norm. They can't stand not to be special for once.

I'm so happy to have her on our side and not afraid to speak the truth! <3

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