bring it on! youre honestly the least threatening looking person, you just look troubled and confused.

i might be smaller than you but i have the adrenaline, and the anger of an entire life being subjugated and degraded and objectified in my heart!

clear eyes, full hearts, cant lose

They never say transphobes, yall ever notice that? Shouldn't they be assaulting ALL transphobic people? Why just the TERFs? Hmmm

I've met transphobes, people (usually men) who have great hatred for trans people, who say dehumanising, degrading things about them, who use slurs to describe them. But you are right, TRAs never express an issue with those people. They only ever take umbrage at women standing up for their sex-based rights. It's misogyny, it's wanting to put women in their place.

🤣 Still, it's crazy how we're at the point where The Wokes applaud men beating women up. Insanity

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I don't know why this got me so bad but I'm cackling

I was feeding my 8 month old while I spent 30 seconds expertly crafting this meme

Violence is always the answer with men. It’s all they’ve got.

"What a nice young man, I wonder if he'd like any T" --granny voice