Damn, some of those witnesses seem too dumb to keep breathing. Ophelia Benson at Butterflies and Wheels has written some funny posts about the transcripts.

Thank you for the recommendation, I didn't know about Butterflies and Wheels.

Would you be willing to post your own summary of the proceedings up til now?

Are you sitting comfortably because there's a LOT. lmao

The Mumsnet threads are a good read but there's 3 threads totalling 40 pages each to wade through.

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Do you happen to have links to the threads?

I love this new word WORIADS and plan to use it as much as possible in casual speech.

I've been enjoying the live tweets from the tribunal enormously. Some true classics in there. Strongly recommend anyone interested has a look at the unrolled threads https://twitter.com/tribunaltweets

Edit: be sure to catch the quote-tweets as well.