Many leftist men don't even try to hide it anymore: they don't think misogyny exists, or that it has had any substantial impact. TRA's complaints were all it took for them to completely abandon feminism. When Vaush was called out for sexism, nobody took it seriously, and people only cared about the "optics".

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men get so PISSY when women talk about the issues or violence perpetrated by males. they hate accountability so much its pathetic

My experience is that a lot of men tend to care about violence against women when it gives them an excuse to do something they want, or when it's against a woman they consider "theirs," not otherwise. Guy harms their mom, wife, daughter? Yes, bad, hands off. Guy a rival or other guy he doesn't like anyway, for any number of reasons (including being from a different group than him)? Good excuse to beat him up! Guy he likes, sees himself in, looks up to, gains something from? Minimize and equivocate it into being not a real thing at all, cover it up. A lot of men seem to only ever be able to accept it as a 'single bad apple' issue or a 'them' issue ('them' being a group of men he doesn't belong to), never an 'us' or a 'we' issue.

I saw this a lot when I worked in leftie non-profits. The self-described feminist men would decry any mild criticism of women they admired as sexist. And then, in the same breath, they would talk about how pro-life and conservative women deserve to be raped and beaten/killed for their bad ideas

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I notice this when MRAs and libfems whine about feminism not doing enough for other groups (aka not being intersectional).

We're not allowed to focus exclusively on the needs of females. We also have to play nanny for EVERY other trendy activist group even if its to our detriment (lest we be labeled "unkind").This pressure to be everybody's Activism Nannies is what's keeping modern feminism from being effective. And I believe that's by design.

As much as I dislike Lindsay Ellis for her handmaiden ways, she did a good job laying this out in her "Mask Off" video. People are silent about rampant male abusers. But a female movie critic gets treated like Richard Spencer because she didn't like a Disney cartoon about fantasy Asian characters.