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Starter comment: showed up on my Glinner feed, though that is my local-ish paper. Oh come ON that us too funny and the reaction by PFLAG is even funnier.

Also that it's in the Star (edit hit post too soon... Lol post - Canadians will get it) is even funnier.

It's been a long day an I needed a laugh

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Since PFLAG only asked for an apology and didn't demand the cartoonist to be canned and cancelled, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the person who drew it is a man.

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It feels like playing with cheat codes.

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Fact. It took me 3 separate searches to arrive at the confirmation of a thing I also knew immediately. Definitely like a cheat code.

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From What You Can't Say:

Zealots, whatever their cause, invariably lack a sense of humor. They can't reply in kind to jokes. They're as unhappy on the territory of humor as a mounted knight on a skating rink. Victorian prudishness, for example, seems to have been defeated mainly by treating it as a joke. Likewise its reincarnation as political correctness. "I am glad that I managed to write 'The Crucible,'" Arthur Miller wrote, "but looking back I have often wished I'd had the temperament to do an absurd comedy, which is what the situation deserved."

Beautiful punnery 😂! And there's no need to ask about pronouns, it's clear how he'd like to be a-dressed already...