The "cis" women won't be dressing like middle school girls at an anime convention

You have a group of people, some of them are women, some of them are men. How can you tell them apart???

Easy, the ones who start hurling slurs and rape threats when you refuse to date them are not the women. The ones talking over everyone else and demanding that everyone walk on eggshells to protect their feelings are not the women.

The “cis” women will be standing next to the big honking dudes that’s how

I cant remember where I read it but one of the first things human recognise when they look at someone is their sex . So to answer their question of how we can tell there’s a biological program in our brains that can identify a man even when he’s wearing a costume of a woman / anime character. Hairlines, bone size , structure and proportions are different which will have an affect on their gait. Their voice has more a deeper pitch with more bass/ resonance due to male puberty making their vocal folds longer and build stronger muscles.

There’s so many differences between the sexes that go further than pure biology that give little clues to that biological program to say that no matter how many thigh highs , mini skirts and fingerless gloves this male puts on , at the end of the day he’s still a male.

Who smells like ladyballs

Ive just been reading some vile tweets from TIMs saying how they love that their dick stench now smells like a vagina. Very euphoric. 🤮

Well if you have even half a functioning brain, it does it automatically.

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