I feel so sorry for Rowling. Imagine being in her position right now. I bet, on that day she re-tweeted Maya Forstater, she never dreamed how crazy things would get. Death threats, book-burnings, personal attacks, vicious hatred, and now Putin. It is surreal. She has sacrificed quite a lot for women's collective plight. But I also bet she would do the same all over again. She's so courageous it astonishes me.

I truly hope she knows how loved she is.

I hope so too. I wrote to her last year to tell her, but I think I will write again (just as soon as I get round to that letter to my MP first).

Same, and because I'm a massive loser I saved the stamp from the reply I got back from her lovely staff. I think my weekend job is to pick up more stationery to write heart eyed letters of support to all and sundry

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I don’t mean anything harsh by this, but I don’t think Rowling would want you to feel sorry for her.