Little piece of history...

America would not exist without cannabis. The original draft of the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp. The ropes of our navy ships were made of hemp, and their strength helped win the American Revolution.

The founding fathers wrote instruction manuals on the growing of hemp. George Washington reminded us all to separate the male and female flowers. Why do you need to do this if you are just producing industrial hemp? You don’t!!!! Maybe George and Ben and all their buddies were having a sesh in between sessions of the Constitutional Congress!

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There's some evidence that the War of 1812, the one we're all foggy about from K-12 history classes because it was never adequately explained, was fought over the worldwide hemp supply and who controlled it.

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I've always felt women had a connection to cannabis. For centuries it was known as the Morning Sickness plant because it was so damn effective for treating nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

And now women get their children removed from their custody for choosing to use cannabis during pregnancy instead of the pharmaceuticals prescribed that never have any side effects πŸ™„ (opioids and thalidomide anyone?)

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Hemp was banned in the US because a mucketymuck in government was worried it would affect his paper business. Capitalism and patriarchy are well-nigh inseparable.

The timber industry, Du Pont, and Hearst’s involvement in fighting against hemp isn’t as clear as we think it is. Not to say it wasn’t a factor, but it’s not the whole story.

Racism (Ainslinger) played a huge part banning cannabis. Can’t have something legal that those awful Mexicans use, can we?

And I will use hemp/cannabis interchangeably since they are literally the same plant (Cannabis sativa) and the distinction is legal and NOT biological.

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So here's the thing about opioids or the natural opiate drugs. They can cause dependence in the fetus later in pregnancy, but early in pregnancy they wouldn't, and they're not teratogenic.

I had this WEIRD inflammation flareup in my joints when I was pregnant with Second Kid maybe three months along. It lasted a couple weeks, I guess, and it was awful... swollen knees, everything hurting, I couldn't even roll over in bed. Tylenol 3 was the only thing actually approved for pregnancy that even touched it. But I couldn't get any more (I borrowed from a friend), so it was turn to naproxen instead even though that's not declared safe. Thanks, medical establishment.

I had no access to weed or I might have tried that instead.

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Female people are much more valuable to me than male people.

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I love reading about this so much. The more I look, the more I just feel like that female is actually the superior sex.

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Tell me about it. Grew one plant, turned out to be male, total waste of time and effort, then it started growing yellow dick mushrooms.