This, absolutely. I keep thinking it's pretty pathetic to think you're some sort of revolutionary when every corporation endorses your point of view, laws you want are getting written and you get to physically attack dissenters without consequence.

Feminists have always been made fun of and degraded by the male led media. It's pretty suspicious when your "feminist" movement gets so much support and even leadership from men, especially men who keep having metoo stories released about them.

If your fancy new earth shattering ideas are not just espoused by the fucking cops, but even plastered all over their cars with its ugly flags, you're not the counter culture underdog rebel fighting the evil dominant culture, YOU ARE THE EVIL DOMINANT CULTURE

Even the Suffragettes had to deal with handmaidens that didn’t want women to have rights.

They’d be heartbroken to know NOTHING has changed. Still fighting for our rights, still handmaidens happy to give them away.

[–] vitunrotta 8 points Edited

Maybe they'd be heartbroken. Who knows? They're not with us anymore.

But... we could also speculate they'd be immensely proud. I for one don't think the suffragettes thought "oh phew, that's THAT done, now it's all smooth sailing!"

Rather, I'd see them going "wow - even after 100 years of fighting the same fight, these badass women are still at it. Geez, that's impressive. They're pretty headstrong, aren't they?!"

That's how I like to think about it anyway!

They’d probably be shocked that we’ve gone so far backwards that “woman” is now controversial

I find it amusing to imagine how people of the past would react to our current state of affairs. It would probably drive them mad.

Guess I’m off to buy a black suit (was it black they wore?) and a suffragette badge then.

I imagine they’d be horrified 😞

Amen! The most obvious thing about transactivism being an artificially driven movement is the ease with which it has taken over society, not to mention is shocking success in such a short time. Real anti-oppression movements, whatever they are based on (religion, sex, race, class, et al) Work tirelessly for CENTURIES and are still fighting, and still getting screwed over. Ask any woman, Jew, Dalit, Black or Indigenous person,...

[–] crodish [OP] fujoshit 15 points Edited

Dave Chapelle: "Look at how well your movement is going!" And then the joke about how if MLK had known it would be so easy he would have asked everyone to put on oil and booty shorts...

[–] actualdyke 14 points Edited

no bc it's very hilarious how they constantly spit on mainstream media, spit on corporations, spit on journalists, spit on police, spit on lawmakers, spit on schools and educators, they disrespect and accuse of transphobia pretty much everyone and everything on earth ... and yet they still get catered to and worshiped by every single corporation and entity they claim to despise. they are the actual equivalent of a spoiled child screaming that they hate their whole family, even as the family continues to pet them on the head and reward them for their bad behavior.

[–] crodish [OP] fujoshit 37 points Edited

Terfs do social justice the way it was done traditionally- woefully unpopular, at the margins of society and under the constant threat of violence.

If you’re basking in the glow of constant rounds of applause, at the table of the most fashionable of opinions with brand deals and partnership being thrown at you and think you’re on the right side of history- I got news for you hunny

Rest of the post has a fantastic takedown against a TRA trying to shut the OP up if you're interested in reading.


They'll tell you "I just want to use the bathroom" but what they don't tell you is that they want it ONE WAY: the material definition of biological sex to be written out of law and policy. That's the little tidbit they leave out.


"not sure what algorithm made tumblr think it was appropriate to suggest this post to me but since it’s being shown to me against my will, sure, i’ll bite."

A TRA whining that things are being shown to him against his will. Cry me a fucking river, PoS.

you are ugly and stupid and will die bitter

They sure do have a way with words. So charming.

I needed to read this. I feel so scared sometimes because of how far this movement has gotten in such a short period of time. This is something I can believe in because all real past social movements were exactly like the first part including LGB before it was infected by the T.

[–] crodish [OP] fujoshit 3 points Edited

I feel you. I just feel like I'm going insane every fucking day and even constantly wondering if I'm the one who's wrong, and I need posts like this to remind me I'm not alone.

In any other situation the phrase, "it's not you, it's everyone else" sounds really narcissistic and doesn't apply, but it does for this. More and more people are speaking up every day. I'm not optimistic enough to use the "tide is turning" phrase yet, but it's building. The situation now is a lot more widespread than it was even a year ago.

Hang in there. Stay strong.

[–] loren non-man 11 points

I love this. The fact that we are here in 2022, after thousands of years of repeated attacks on our personhood as a class, that gives me hope. There’s so much worth protecting, we are still here and that’s enough for me to keep going and keep pursuing that goal of female liberation.


If multiple major corporations and powerful politicians (including the goddam POTUS & Vice President) are lining up to kiss your ass, you are NOT oppressed!!

EXACTLY THIS. they think feminism went from this hated movement to beloved in the mainstream in 10 years? C’MON.

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