Y'know, leaving her university has totally liberated Stock to lay it on the line. I totally love it! They wanted to hurt her and shut her down by hounding her out of their midst, and now she is FIRE!

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Image Transcription: Twitter Post

Kathleen Stock, @docstockk

Men: You can race with us.


Men: But you can race with us.

Ivy: yeah but you'll beat me I MEAN WHO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN I RACE WITH??

even if every man on earth refused to race him, why should women suffer as a consequence? women's sports are not a refuge for failed male athletes, the same way womanhood is not a refuge for failed males.

LOL nobody is stopping him from riding a bike around his neighborhood like the other 99% of cyclists who ride their bikes for fun and don't race professionally

Doc Stock has gotten quite salty in the past few months and it's lovely to see.

Yup, pretty much! I have yet to see proof of any male division saying "no, you can't race in the men's anymore" to any TIM.

Fantastic. I am so sick of seeing "YOU'RE BANNING ME FROM SPORTS" while the men's league is right there, open and willing

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